Steve trading journal best one :)

sell eur/jpy, cad/jpy

buy aud/chf .
add to winning trades eg sell more cad/jpy

add to aud/chf (buy)

add more to aud/chf (buy)

buy cad/chf

i am out of these trades now with a health profit , you can manage them how ever you wish .

buy eur/usd

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eur/nzd sell 30/4

aud/chf buy

usd/jpy sell 30/4

stopped out of eur/usd maybe be sell it now

Your trades have not run any one in profit

eur/jpy , cad/jpy aud/chf those 3 trades were all in profilt… i am back in with buy eur/usd , i think this has a bias to go up

eur/usd is going great

134 pip profit on the eur/usd what you mean non of my trade won

this week 04 may
i am already in and in profit with nzd/usd aud/usd as a buy . 1 tip once up i dont give any back i would rather close and break even than 1 pip negative … i am also watching usd/chf as a sell and gbp/jpy as a sell

buy aud/jpy aud/nzd
sell eur/aud eur/usd

i am out of eur/aud with a good profit of 108 pips out of aud/jpy with 10 pips profit