Sticky wicket or how to quit being stupid

Two years ago i first heard about Forex trading I said to myself this looks simple and I opened a forex demo account and discovered that it wasn’t simple, and did nothing for a year. So I tried again, thinking I should attempt a trade, and did. I learned nothing. So now I tried it a third time, with the limited knowledge I have picked up here and reading Currency Trading for Dummies, and got a 504 error from Forex. That trade I tried the second time is still open. These are all DEMO accounts. What I want to know is, how do I delete the first two attempts? I tried contacting Forex and learned, being In the U.S. is a waist of time. i also tried to stop the activity of the second attempt but couldn’t find away to do that. Any ideas?

Hey Chazb,

We’re going to need some more information.

  1. What are you actually trying to stop? Do you want to close two demo accounts, or are you talking about actual trades within the demo accounts?
  2. By “Forex”, do you mean the broker?
  3. When or where are you getting the 504 error?

If it’s demo accounts that you want to close, your broker’s support team should be able to help. Or, you could just forget about the accounts, and start over with another broker. I’m guessing your demo account broker only has your name and email address, and maybe an address.

Reply with some more details if you could.

Update; # 2. it is at forex dot com. I am a newbe, and newbes don’t post links.
I have opened three demo accounts. The first was two years ago but it went no where. The second was about 6 months ago. The third yesterday, and that one gets the 504 error.
The second one, I have just learned I can get into and it has an active trade, that i want to close, but don;t no how.

It just recently learned, that when I do a trade i need to put a stop loss order on it, lest bit just keep on going.

I think you need to go back to learning and actually go through the school of pipsology. There is no point having a demo account if you dont have a solid foundation or a strategy to test that you fully understand. Going on demo needs to have a process behind it. Take your time, learn and youll get there :slight_smile:

Forex is a profession. You need to acquire a solid educational foundation before you even touch a demo account so you at least have some direction let alone touching a live account

So if I wanted to close or square up this open trade in the Demo account, I would open an opposite pair, in other words, the original pair was AUD-USD, to square it up I would use USD-AUD?