STIFX added microlot trading

As sent via there email below, and its enabled now in MT4 since i see it in my live account with them

" Dear Respected Clients,

We are pleased to announce, that we are now offering the possibilty to trade in micro lots. Minimum contract size has been set for all spot currency pairs, gold, silver is 0.01 of a lot (1,000 of a base currency) for all trading accounts (demo and live). Spot Oil minimum contract size is same as 0.10 of a lot. We have enabled this option in MetaTrader 4.

philipwa and jackstewart,

My preliminary observation is that you are the top two posters for STIFX, so I have a few questions for you.

  1. How long have you had a live account with them?
  2. How much did you deposit?
  3. What is your trading style? Day? Swing? Etc.
  4. How often do you trade?
  5. Are you happy with STIFX? Have you experienced any issues?

Also, I clicked on their link to open a demo account a day or two ago. I filled in the form but haven’t heard from them. Do you know how long it will be before I hear from them?

Hello Indigo,

I have had account with them for few months.
I started off with $1000, and then deposited around $2000 more, which makes in total $3000, and then i just grew little and little. Sometimes i had bad day too…
I do Scalping, Day trading, long trades.
I am trading daily
I am happy with STIFX, due to good support in weekends as well,

One thing i like with STIFX its manual system, so you actually know not a robot, automatic system is responding you back, its a person who checked your application, and responses you back.

I think thats why sometimes delay is caused, but they normally send demo account information in few minutes, i got mine in 10 minutes.

If you didnt hear regarding your demo account, signup again for the demo account again, and i think you should get it quickly.

Best luck

Thank you very much! Your experience is helpful and your sharing appreciated :slight_smile:

Weird, I received an email from them 7 minutes before you posted. There must be some ESP going on around here :wink:

Haha… congrats you got the demo downloading. Best of luck.

I am finding STIFX’s site kind of difficult to read. Which broker is STIFX an IB for?


I would like to know the answer too. Who does STIFX actually work for? Who are the IB for?

hello there,

i want to know if sftix is fast in excuting the order or not like how many sec does it take them to excute the order



I am trading live with STIFX, my orders get filled instant. I dont see any reqoutes. I see them in rare cases like in very heavy news trade time, Even though sometimes i can do make trade in news in rare situations.

Overall, execution is good, thats why i am still with them, or else would have changed the broker.

How the heck do you withdraw funds? The links don’t work. This “company” seems pretty awful, at least going by the website. The webmaster forgot to hyperlink the links! You can’t at this time get the withdraw funds form, check their spreads or deposit funds.

And then I got bored so who knows what else is wrong with this unprofessional company.

(btw the website was the same a month ago when i checked it out, i was hoping it would have been sorted) No one needing to withdraw or deposit funds then…


Edit: The more I investigate the more I think stifx is a scam and that philipwa is involved. His/her posts are 95% stifx related. More then should be in natural conversation. All stifx posters across the forex forums have mostly been banned for posting infractions!

Be very careful of this “company”

Cryten. I agree with you on the website. But think common sense Do you know About Nuimex, about Refco about all these companies who present themselve so so so good, tht people just say Ooh Wow there site is good, so lets try… What do they get?? THEY LOSE!!!

If STIFX isnt updating there site, i would suggest you to email them… Email STIFX and other broker… Compare the speed of response… Compare the guidance on every step.

Listen, everyone has there own views… I am happy with STIFX.

and furthermore, i am just a customer of STIFX… and if my broker is good, i should have rights to tell my broker is good…
Everyone has the rights. its free world…

Furthermore, I am here as well to advice newbees, as i have always did, please check my posts…

Thank You And i appreciate your view… No problem :slight_smile:

I don’t care for refco or NFA. I was going to open a stifx account but I’ll probably go for NF now. If the deposit funds links are not working and the withdraw funds links are not working then from the last time i looked (month ago) then all this time no customer has made any comment on this?
I would have hoped in the last month stifx would have enough customers withdrawing some funds and would have reported this problem. :confused:

cryten, since i am client of STIFX. you dont make deposit by clicking the site. They have a secured site, where you can deposit by Credit/Debit Card.
And if you want to withdraw, you email them up, they will send you withdraw form. And immidiately the funds get withdrawed. in 1-2 days its in your account.

Best of luck with NF :).

Stifx reguire you when you sign up to give copy’s of passport ,drivers license and utility bill certified by notery or solicitor.This is not required by most other brokers,a simple copy of passport and utility bill is sufficent.Also they say you can be trading in minutes paying by credit card but this is not possible as you have to go and pay to get certified copy’s of your personal information.
We are the ones who should be getting certified copy’s of all their company and personal details as we are trusting them with our hard earned money.

I think you take this question to FSA UK. They will help you better as to why a certified document is required.

I read your post in FF forum that you open account in Alpari. May I know what is the requirement to open a live micro account at Alpari.

On Feb 5,2010 I opened a live account with STIFX Broker ( and wired $5000 USD on their account. After trading for a few month I discovered that some of the orders were closed without my interference and I decided to withdraw my money. On May 12,2010 I wrote them a request letter to withdraw money as they require and so far there is no response. I’ve made a few more attempts to contact them, but have the same result. I have the feeling that STIFX Broker is a scam broker and that info on their web sit is deceiving and is made to lure people to get their money. Did anyone have any experience with this company. If so, please let me know.

Those good reviews that you can see on internet are made by same crooks. Also, pay attention that STIFX doesn’t have contact phone# and address. Stay away from them. It is BIG SCAM!!!

Yes olan, I agree with you - STIFX IS A SCAM! I paid ten times less than you did (for just in case not too much). After my payment they were gone. No reply to any of my e-mails. I have their phone number but it is on leaevthemessageafterthepeep. So I thought that I will turn to police. I will let you know what happens next.

Please people, learn from this and stay away from STIFX.