Still new been Dabbling

How’s it? Been about 3 months dabbling, starting to understand more and Demo accounting now. The more input anyone can give is appreciated.

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Hello! It takes a lot of practice to learn. Just stay patient and consistent with your effort to improve every day. Happy learning!

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Welcoooome @jaypipn! :smiley: How is demo going? :blush: Are you also studying the forex school here? :slight_smile:

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sounds great i am in the same boat slow and steady learning on a small account also running a ea. but enjoying the process


Demo is fantastic so far, being in the plus isn’t bad. Yes I am doing the studies here as well, very useful and extremely helpful.

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Good for youuuu! :blush: I hope you continue to do great. Good luck! :smiley:

Yeah i am making sure i can trade consistently on demo befor going live

Slow and steady wins the race or so they say !