Stock and Forex Trading Journal: Learn Relevant Concepts and Ideas

I’d like to welcome you to my Stock and Forex Trading Journal. In no way should this journal be considered financial advice. This is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

The frequently cited statistic on the internet claims that 95% of traders end up unsuccessful in their trading endeavors. The main reason for this high failure rate is commonly attributed to inadequate money management. However, I believe that a significant factor contributing to the high failure rate is the lack of awareness regarding optimal trading times.

If you’ve engaged in forex trading today, have you considered trading USDCHF, GBPUSD, EURUSD, or USDNOK? It’s essential to be mindful of upcoming news releases, such as:

the United States CPI, United States Inflation Rate MoM, United States Inflation Rate YoY, among others.

If you’re a forex trader, do you understand how these events might impact your trades? If the answer is negative, you might be engaging in speculative behavior, and sooner or later, you may find yourself among the 95% of traders who experience failure.

Welcome, and thanks for sharing. Looking forward to following your journey and maybe picking up some insights along the way.

Ooh! :blush: Interesting. :smiley: Looking forward to seeing how you’ll be trading stocks and forex side by side. :smiley: Will you also be posting trades here? :blush:

Hi @ria_rose I noticed that most people here talk about forex trading. I am trying to make someone aware that they can swing trade stocks the same way they trade forex. However, stock trading is much easier.
Today, I am interested in these assets

Would love to see that in action! :blush: I think it would also be more interesting for people here to see how you apply the same strategies to both! :smiley:

Hello @ria_rose
I think it would be better I focus on stock trading and then later on forex.
Today, my focus is on the following
Algn 1% risk
Casy 2%
Frog 2%
Ayi 1.5%
These percentages represent the risk I am willing to take, which in turn determines my lot size, as I’ve already established stop-loss levels.
But it’s not a guarantee that I will trade any of those assets. My holding time is usually several days. I will explain later what led me to select the four.

Upon further analysis, its seems frog is nearing a buy point based on weekly price action.

www.investors dot com/research/breakout-stocks-technical-analysis/nvidia-stock-remains-king-but-jfrog-may-turn-into-a-prince/

www.msn dot com/en-us/money/markets/the-frog-that-gives-princely-returns-nears-buy-point/ar-BB1kT3PT

I have shared those two articles for the purpose of informing.