Stock in terms of forex notation


Now, the google’s stock is quoted in 750 USD. In stock market, this active is simply called “GOOG”.

How this active/stock would be called in forex market:

[B]1)[/B] “GOOG/USD”


[B]2)[/B] “USD/GOOG”


Just it!


I have never thought of it in these terms but the answer would be #2 as you are using US dollars to buy Google, and with any luck when you sell Google back to the market you will get back more then 750 USD

The stock will always be quoted @ two different prices, as well- the bid and the ask. More important to understand than how the quote relates to a forex quote. :slight_smile:

I think you are wrong. Because the BTC/USD today is 420. Actually, 1 BTC = 420 USD. I noticed that the currency of right side is always the value in y-axis.

So, I believe that correct answer for my 1st question above is #1

You are correct.

…Yes? Not sure what … means.