Stocks to FOREX

Hi there, My name is Coal living in the Aspen Valley. i have been interested in markets for 5 months now. practice makes perfect. started demo on MT4 app from my phone, and through tradersway for labtop set up. any other platform ideas would be greatly appreciated. Been going through the school here on babypips and at first I was doing pretty good then seamed like the more info i learned and tried to connect to charts the more confusing it would get and mixed signals leading to losses. The knowledge is great to go back and refer to a certain indicator, Pivot points, fib, trendlines, and patterns etc. i just need to find the couple that work for me. starting a journal and really got to get my planning in order before I ever enter the trade instead of adjusting accordingly. I have no words for my trading besides “sketchy” , "sloppy"
Entering HighSchool really ready to learn the risk management and get the math down to keep kprofits and limit losses.

                                  Coal Dils