What am i doing wrong…everytime i put stops and limits
I will get kicked out of a trade and go in the red on PIPS

How far below and ahead should you set your stops and limits

I seem to make more PIPS when i don’t put STOPS or Limits on them.
Should i stick with what is working?

We would need more details to help you out. How close are you putting them? An example would be helpful.

Make note of your entry and exit points for your succesfull trades and count pips. That should give you an idea of what stops to use for your trading style. Most newbies tend to be a bit conservative with their stoploss, that’ll kick you out of a trade real quick.

Each strategy should have it’s own stops and exits/Limits.

if i am buying for example GBP/USD at 2.100 entry

i would stop at about 30 pips lower so
i thought that would be an risk i can take.

Just last night i made 62 pips with no stops on the GBP/USD
because i waited it out , i was negative 25 pips when i went to bed(11am eastern USA time)

when i checked at 8am this morning i was up 62pips…so i closed it
Am i risking MARGIN Call if it GOES bad on me without stops??

I just went live two weeks ago, with 1000.00 account (Small Time)
and now my account is up about 200.00…

Having read this post I presume that you are asking all these questions
while trading live?

These decisions should have been made while you were still in demo mode.

Cable went down 100+ pips on several occasions in the last month. The
question to ask is can you afford that loss?

Luckily enough cable went up this time.

Nobody can tell you exactly where to put your stop losses it is up to
you to find the best place which you are comfortable with. :slight_smile:

PS You sleep? & halfway through the Tokyo & London sessions? :wishes:

Yea…Gotta sleep…Work during the day…

Got bored in Demo…I was making money in demo so i figuered what the hell
Might as well get out there and make money live!

If i can make $50.00 to $100.00 a week…I will be HAPPY
so far i am doing that…I usually don’t go to bed on a trade
just in case it runs on me…


Therefore this post is immaterial,

What am i doing wrong

if your system is working then don’t change it. :slight_smile:

I honestly believe stops are important. However, one has to be worried about stop hunting. In general I believe it is a good rule of thumb to not risk more than 5% of your capital on a single trade. However, I believe you can bend the rules if you have a solid system and can afford big drawdowns IF the rewards is greater than those drawdowns! If you can only afford a 30 pip stop on cable then your lot size is probably bigger than what you should be trading. Cable is a pretty volatile pair so I don’t believe a 30 pip stop will be sufficient. A good rule of thumb is to throw up an ATR (Average True Range) on whatever time frame you are using and doubling or even tripling it to use that figure as your stop. This will typically avoid noise.

Without information on your particular situation I can’t give you advice relating to your particular situation.

Ill assume you are in the US so stops are even more important for you! Cable is especially volatile during London session (my favorite session) so it can easily move against you substantially. If you dont put a physical stop, at least put a mental stop so when you wake up in the morning you will know to get out or not. However, I believe the best situation would be having a wide enough stop to avoid noise and wide enough so if it gets hit then you where wrong about your position. Stops aren’t really about money management. They are more about telling you that you where wrong about your perception so if they are hit you should reevaluate what you where thinking. So start thinking, if I am totally wrong about this where would price have to go to prove it, put your stop there :slight_smile:

Ding! Ding! Ding!

We have a winnner! :smiley:

I’m glad to see someone else comment to that effect.