Stop loss eaters

I am very new to Forex and have been trading live for next to a month but have a question.
Can brokers set the MT4 platform to take out stop losses earlier than I have set, because I seem to get a much easier and more profitable time on one broker compared to another. ( I have two seperate accounts)
Useful for a bit of hedging. I may be a conspiracy theorist but I have to ask the question?

Is it not the platform itself that is in question, it is the brokers’ practice regarding their pricing and the spread between bid and offer. Every broker has its own policy regarding this. If the broker is an ECN type then it is, in theory, passing trades straight through to its liquidity providers and adding a small spread to the pricing. Market makers will bias their bid-offer to suit their own purposes and will widen their spread according to their own risk managment/trading policy. In either case, the basic bid-offer spread will depend on that provided by their own liquidity providers with whom they (can) offset their positions. Some brokers, I believe do offer a fixed spread.

So if you are seeing a difference in bid/offers from your two brokers, it is a matter of their own pricing and can vary significantly, for example, prior to major economic releases. For short-term traders/scalpers, with a higher volume of trades, this is a very relevant factor affecting their profitability.

This is the reason why i prefer to do my trading with an ECN Forex broker only :smiley:

What does this mean?

I have an account with a Canadian broker and a European broker and neither allow me to hedge. So Very occasionally I buy on one account and sell on another until the trend is established. Probably not best practice but at least it helps to break even or very nearly so.