Stop Loss Phantom

Hello it happened to someone that ,after days with an open position the stop loss line disappeared from the graph in every time frame and you have to modify the order manually instead to drag it

Never seen that. On my broker’s platform, once a SL or TP is set, it does not change or disappear.

However, always when setting an order with a SL and TP through the order window, the platform forgets the TP price I have typed in when I click OK to close the window and see the chart, while the SL is there as expected. Are you sure the SL in your case was actually accepted by the system in the first place?

Hi, if you have problem with broker, change broker :slight_smile: . Regards Greg

You will find that if price gets very close to a stop-loss it will become locked and impossible to move until it is either triggered or price moves away again. I think that’s standard across all broker platforms. How close the “lock” is imposed depends on the spread - bear in mind that in volatile times the spread could be many times more than the normal quoted. Also that your broker’s chart probably shows the bid price (for you selling), not the ask price (for you buying).

Hi all,
I wonder if anyone on here can help me.
I recently placed a short trade on EUR/CHF after a double top formed on the H4. I used a bearish pin bar as confirmation and placed a sell stop on a break of the low. Within 5 minutes my stop loss was ‘breached’ and I was exited from the trade.
I have attached images of the H4 chart as well as the M1 chart. Neither show price getting anywhere near my stop loss. Can anyone explain why I was stopped out?
Thanks in advance!