Stop loss/Take profit

How can i get the ideal place to put my Take profit when i have a target of $10 with my entry point of 1991.64.thank you

Why set a target when we never know how much the market will give?
Do you have a crystal ball that says $10?

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I am not a fan of take profits… I do not like the idea of capping my upside.

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That was my example …what i meant is that how can i calculate and get ideal place to put my tp when i have the no.of pips i am wishing… if the market goes on my side

You seem to have answered your own question - you set TP at number of required pips. I think you are getting a bit confused - you are certainly confusing me :joy: :upside_down_face:

Ook thank you

Put your tp to where you already wished it. Simple.
But the dark side is the idea “wish” doesn’t work in trading. Ty

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