I often hear of the term “straddling” and believe that it is when you buy and short the same position and then close the position that is not profiting when you see the markets reaction to a news release. However, I’ve never heard any comments about people being successful with it. Anyone got any advice about it?

Dude, what your talking about is more like hedging. While the two trades are on, you’re essentially neutral, then when you cancel one of the trades, you have taken a position. It’s not that different to just waiting to see where then price action is headding, then putting one trade on in one direction.

Straddling is placing a buy order at a certain point above the current price and a sell order at a certain point below. Then you let the market decide which position you take as it will trigger one order, then you cancel the other.

I haven’t used this technique though.


this is nt straddling .

straddling means u open an entry point above and below when the news is abt to get released .

like 10 pips below and above the currenct price .

this is risky.

there maybe false breakouts .

if u hedge , u may not be fast enuff to remove 1 of ur position to take profit .

if u wanna hedge , use bollingers band and support and resistance trendlines to indentify a range bound currencies .

hedge it , when it bounces up and down the bands .

when done correctly it can be as profitable as trading with the trends .