Strange problems (login & Arcade)

I am frequently being logged off and I have to log back in throughout the day. Also, while playing Pacman in the arcade If I get the high score I get that famous problem where I have to update my user info. I already recreated my account back when it first happened but I used the same userid. Are these problems happening to anyone else or is it just me?

Also, would it be possible to get a General Forum created for issues non FX related like this post. Just curious :slight_smile:

The same problem is happening with me.
I am curious, I thought it was my browser or cookies. :slight_smile:

Me too but I cleared all my IE cache and even tried other machines but I have the same problems. It’s no big deal but it can be a pain when I click on attachments, then it locks up and finally says I’m not logged in. Then I have to log in and go back to where I was reading.:confused:

Good suggestion. We do have an email address where you can send your bugs in but a dedicated thread might be a better way to address them.

We know about the login problems. It’s supposed to be fixed but if you’re username was created near the beginning of the launch you will probably still have the bug.

Try creating a totally separate username and see if that fixes the problem. I think I can tell our head geek to do something to the username you have now and it may fix your problem. I’ll ask him about it.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

I got 27K plus on PacPan and it told me i couldn’t save the score…snifff

  • I cant play snake because it says the admin doesnt allow members of my group to play games O_o ?

E. Lang

You might want to try snake again because I always got that error when I wasn’t logged in. You probably just got logged out and then tried snake when you got that error. Log in and I’m sure that one will work. I just played Pacman again because I noticed forexgump got a high scorer than BigPippin and I scored 38,000 but still got the update my account screen. Snake did work fine. I think it is just scome screwed up user id’s since some people can score high scores and work fine when others can’t. I am one of the original accounts so I hope I don;t have to create a new account and lose my posts & reputation :mad:

Thanks BigPippin, Anything you can do will be great. I can certainly live with the problem if I have to but it is an annoyance.

FYI: I created a new account just to test it out and I still have the problem with the account needing to be updated message after getting the Pacman high score. I also got logged out when that happened. I still intent to only use my main account since the other was a test to see if it worked. I don’t intend on using the other account since I was testing to see if it resolved my problem and it didn’t so the account FX-Man can be deleted if you wish. :slight_smile:

Maybe there is a cookie problem? I played pac man right, it got screwy on me. Then I tried to post a reply on the forums and then I get the update info crap right. So then I go through the song of dance of clearing my cache and deleting my cookies, and guess what? Obviously it is working now!

I usually have to do that also but the problem must be the way the cookies are being created on the server since it appears that it’s not just me having the problem :slight_smile:

Yea I’m sure it’s a cookie problem. We’re still trying to resolve this as this is our biggest issue. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks!

FYI- Topgun, I think the problem in your main name is the underscore. We’ve put up a message saying that users should only use characters with no spaces or symbols. That was causing alot of the problems early on. Did your new username that you made meet that criteria?

Unfortunately not. It has a dash in it :frowning: . I don’t want to flood babypips with unused usernames so you guys can delete FX-Man which is one that I created.

It’s not a problem :slight_smile: Try creating a username that just use letters and numbers with no spaces and see if that works.

Sometimes while logging in, it keeps re-directing me away from
Could you please see if there is a problem and rectify it.

I have never encountered that kind of problem before. It would be tough for them to fix if noone else is experiencing it. I would scan your machine with a free spyware scanner like adaware or spybot. Also try to clear out all of your IE cookies / cache files. If you log on on a different machine do you have the problem?


Alright thanks for the update. I’ll try it.