Strategy on when to place an order

Hello All,

I have a quick question on any strategies used to enter the market. I’m sitting there looking at my charts and everything looks good to get in. How do most people enter? Do you just place a market order or do you wait for a slight uptick (or downtick if buying) to get the best price to avoid any slippage.



Depends on the type of trader, aggressive will wait for the signal and enter.

Conservo will wait for the set up and for the candle to close!

Slippage, What kind of trading are you doing. Maybe news? :rolleyes:

I place market order entries between 4:00pm and 7:00pm Cleveland, Ohio time, I think. :cool:

Oh yea, I close positions just before I open new ones. :cool:

I think. Yep that’s correct!


Slippage was probably a poor choice to describe. I was meaning when you place a market order and then the 2 pip spread turns into 7 fairly quickly.

that occurs during major economic news reports. here is more info about slippage:

I hate when that happens.:frowning: