Strategy Performance

If the Strategy returns 14% - 30% [B]in a month [/B]…Can you call it a good performance ? or this is average performance and requires serious improvement ?

There’s not enough info to say if it’s good or bad. But purely based on the figure, it’s astronomical, especially once you take compounding / exponential growth into account. Probably too good to be true.

There are no good or bad returns.
Don’t think about how much return you should get.
Learn and do your stuff well, money will eventually come to you.

It depends how much you risk to gain this 14-30%. Experienced trader generally risk very little and would consider these figures high.

Kondakov System by Kondakov | Myfxbook
-> at the bottom, if you look at the first years this account was making from 0 to 20% per month. The drawdown (check it in the chart area at the top) was up to 16%
-> during 2014 it got a steady 3-6% per month, but their drawdown was never above 5%.
I don’t know what this account is exactly, I just found it randomly on myFXbook, but judging from the balance, It is certainly not a weekend trader.

Anyway, a growth pourcentage alone doesn’t mean much, because a big one generally comes with big drawdowns. It is important to establish the drawdown you are confortable with, then see how much your growth would be from that, not the other way around.

How many years have you traded the strategy? What was the max drawdown? Answer those questions and we can start to answer yours

See if I can come up with an answer bro. If draw down > return bad strategy

Godzilla, godzilla…so, another one of those theoretical, out-of-context questions… What is the purpose of these posts?

It is like someone typing a new thread starting with the question: “If I won a Ferrari…” …

Give us your FXBook, or some example of your trades (e.g. screenshots of your charts).
otherwise all the answers you will get will
never really address the issues that you may

Sorry, I am being awfully patronising,
I know…Please understand what I and others
have been trying to say here as on other of your
threads: give more real-life trading background
to your questions, that is all…

Good night and
Good luck.

Thanks …that was very much helpful…Thanks for all of your post and time.

I believe that may be you had such good returns in one or two months, but not every next month will be the same. More important is how much you will managed to keep of those returns.