Streetrader Trading Approach

Hi all.

This thread is about our trade setups. (1H minimum). We want to show you, that trading is simple.
No matter what your “best strategy”, its always about buy low sell high.
As long as you play small, nothing to worry about.

  • Buy near to support, sell near to resistant.
  • Its not necessary to complicate things.
  • Keep playing small --> so we don’t care if our stop loss was hit. we traded small anyway. no worries.
  • You will be safe.
  • If you trade safe, using any method, you will bank enough dollars eventually

We only trade majors. AUD, NZD, EUR, GBP, EGBP, CHF, CAD, JPY.

Blue line is pending order. Cutloss and Profit target is on nearest sup and res. depend on the trade direction.

Here we go.

Can you be more precise about your strategy?

  • Buy near support and sell near resistance, why not short near resistance and cover near support?
  • What is “near”?
  • Consider uploading better images so people will understand better

For the moment I see no strategy, just a philosophy.

More information would be nice.

Yep. Philosophy comes first. To form our mindset. That no matter what strategy we use, just play small each trade.

Now. Lets restart. As a macro traders. We always begin with fundamental views, at which we are look to gain at. Now take a look at this initial outlooks. Then, we are about to post how to trade in intraday or daily basis. Check these out, outlook for April 11-15, 2016.