Strong Canadian Dollar Weighs Down Shipments

A chain of lackluster economic indicators has formed with vehicle sales and manufacturing shipments adding two new links to yester day?s international trade report. Vehicle sales fell 1.2 percent and manufacturing shipments fell 1.8 percent, promoting a suspension of a near term Bank of Canada interest rate hike. Weak fundamentals and liquidity concerns have incited a Canadian dollar retreat against the US dollar, nearing the key 1.0800 level.

[B]Previous 24 hours:[/B]
[B]New Motor Vehicle Sales /B (JUN)
Actual: -1.2%
Previous: -0.8%
[B]Manufacturing Shipments /B (JUN)
Actual: -1.8%
Previous: -0.1%

[B]Next 24 hours:[/B]
[B]International Securities Transactions [/B](Canadian dollars) (JUN)
Expected: C$1.000
Previous: C$3.111

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