Student Introduction

hello, My name is Christian I’m new here and hope to grow with the community.

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Welcome to babypips @Christiancastor! Which country are you from?

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Welcome, study hard!

Welcome to the community, Christian! I’m sure you will enjoy and learn so much from all the free resources here. Good luck!

Welcooome! :blush: Have you started with the school here? :smiley: If you ever have any questions or if there’s anything confusing to you in the lessons, don’t be shy to just ask away. :smiley: I’m sure the nice people here will try to help out. :blush: Good luuuck!

I’m from Nigeria , how about you ?

Hey … thanks
I’ve finished the course since tho … just decided to join the community and analyze together

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Thanks bro

That’s greaaat! :blush: Any plans to start a trading journal? :smiley: Good luck on your trading! :blush:

Been on that too

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Niceee! :blush: Looks like you’re well on your way. :smiley: Wish you all the best! And if you ever need any help or assistance, maybe we can help. :blush:

What’s a good Nigerian phrase/greeting you think we should learn? :slight_smile: