Success EA

Hello Guys

i just bought this EA from scam sellers and found thats not working on all brokers

the best results is on FXCH “” scam brokerage

so please edu this EA to find is that really not working or working ?


www3.rar - Speedy Share - upload your files here

Why not contact user support? Software usually comes with support or a method to purchase it.

Euhm, that sitename ( is for sale. When did you buy it and is the URL correct?

And what is that www3.rar file you will be downloading when you click on the bottom link?

sorry, the download link fixed

www3.rar - - online file sharing and storage - download - Ali Bah

the site is : Success EA

sorry again

seller just took my money and sent an email inculding just 1 file “successea.ex4”
no any manual

and everytime that i asked for any explain , he just said do optimize yourself

lol … what did you expect from a website based in the Ukraine and looking like it’s been designed by a 12-year-old?
They haven’t even bothered to get somebody who speaks proper English to write up the sparse info they offer.
Plus, using an .org URL is rather cute.

All it contains are some very questionable myfxbook screenshots and a button to send them free lunch.

Forget those 295 bucks, since surely trying to get a refund is a complete waste of time.

You better spend the time learning how to trade by yourself, so you won’t have to rely on third parties to make money for you.


The lady wants more from me than to chat… I am certain of it…:slight_smile:

How do they expect you to optimize an *.ex4 file. I think that they earned some easy money on you. Sorry to see that.

Hi IdeFX - I replied to a post of yours in another session entitled: Help with my EA. I currently manually trade. And because my style is really simple, I could use some assistance in making an indicator send me alerts and possibly code it into a basic EA with manual overlooking on my part. (In essence, it would make life easier to do some of the work). Could you assist? Thanks in advance.

Like perhaps a private one on one session? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

My wife will find out… She can read minds…:wink:


Sure. But what you may think as simple can be difficult to code. Send me some details about your strategy and your needs and I see what I can do about it.


all fakes

Succces EA~.mq4 - - online file sharing and storage - download - Ali Bah

Hi IdeFX - My apologies for the delay. It’s the very few holiday times here in the States. Regarding my strategy, I actually use two major indicators to trade with. So a baseline for coding is already in place. Would you like for me to attach these or send via email? And I’ll explain the few short details them. Thanks so very much. Regards.

Sure, I’ll see what I can do…

Hi IdeFX - Each time I try to upload the mq4 attachments, I get error messages. Would you like them via another method? Email perhaps?

[QUOTE=IdeFX;424337]Sure, I’ll see what I can do…[/QUOTE]

I got them now. They didn’t go through before, but they’re good now.

Let me know when you have them. Many thanks.

you can do a credit card charge back. Good luck

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