Suggestion backtest software for novice

Have any backtest been suggested for fx trading beginners. I am first time to touch fx trading
, but i don’t know which software for backtest.Would anybody suggest me which backtest software is suitable for novice, Many thanks

Try developing a profitable atrategy and process on a demo account, after learning from the courses on this education site, before you start thinking about backtesting.

I would add that backtesting should ONLY revolve around this year’s global interest rate fundamentals which now moves market sentiment. Hence, as such, many big banks price spikes trip retail traders S/Ls.
Beware, as it’s a right pain.

Try start out developing and get familiar with FX first. then slowly develop your own trading strategy and horn your skills…Getting strategy backtest is important as it build confidence but it can be a bit overwhelming to pick things up if u just started.
just my 2cents thoughts :slight_smile:

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