Suggestion: Newbie Island "Sticky"

Have been reading through the “Newbie Island” forum and have found that the
Senior Members are constantly retyping “Key Information” for all of us newbies.

For instance, how to upload images using Imageshack or Photoshack. This sticky could be placed directly below the sticky "How to become an Honorary Member of the FX-Men. This sticky would contain the hyperlinks to all of the information deemed necessary to avoid the constant re-keying of information by the Senior Members.

After this sticky is posted, the Newbies would be directed to read this sticky before asking a question on the “Newbie Island” forum. This sticky could then be updated as needed.

This information would save alot of time for the Senior Members that are gracious enough to spend their time teaching us newbies. Also it would allow the Senior Members to more directly assist in areas that is needed much more.

Thank you in advance.

What does �sticky� means on a thread?
I see it a bunch but still don�t get wht that is�

Basically a sticky is a “Thread” that will remain at the top of the forum where it is posted by the “Administrators of the Forum”. This functionality provides a constant place for a thread that will not move down and out of sight with the posting of new threads. Thus it “Sticks in Place” like a “Post-It-Note”.

Stickies can contain any information that the "System or Forum Administrators"
deem necessary for the functionality of the forum.

A sticky in this situation would contain hyperlinks to “Pertinent Threads” that are constantly being asked and answered, repeatedly by other members of the forum. This will allow you to view one single thread for information before you go about searching for this information or asking about it in the forum, saving everyone time!

Hope this helps.

That’s a good idea

There could be created a special, also sticky, thread where such sticky subjects could be suggested to admins

Thanks for replying!!! Now that I know what that means I second that idea of having a sticky newbie island would be a very good idea. Many threads are repeated, it would be better to have those question always on top