Suggestions for Trading systems

Hello all,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Pipsempire and I’m brand new to the world of forex. To tell you the truth, I’m not even through with the School of Pipsology. But I AM having a hell of alot of fun learning about this stuff. I’m currently looking at different trading platforms (in the form of Demo accounts), so that with enough study and practice I’ll be able to start trading asap!

I have two questions…

  1. I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed with all of the forex info out there. I would appreciate any thoughts about this from anyone out there, including how you dealt with this issue.

  2. The more I get into forex, the more I see ads from people selling forex trading systems. While I understand that there is no such thing as “get rich quick”, my belief is that having a “system” for trading to go along with all the education and training that can go along way towards being successful in the world of forex. Any thoughts? Also, can anyone suggest a good trading system that I can purchase? I’m simply trying to plan for success in this field. Thanks for your time.

Hey Pipsempire,

  1. There is a mountain of info on the web and a good deal of it is worthless or a scam. I would firstly finish the SoP. One of the best resources out there. Then I would start looking for published books. I know online resources are easy to find but I’ve gotten much more valuable information from offline resources. Larry Pesavento’s “Trade what you see” was one of the best i’ve read. Past that, ask your fellow pippers and they can lead you further resources.

  2. In the SoP and in other posts on this forum you will find the recipie for a good system. The ingredients include a set of strict rules, good money management, predetermined stop loss and take profit as well as entry points, etc. You can find various systems online and on this forum, but I chose a different method. I created my own systems to gain experience (trading on demo of course!!). You can start with something simple, like buying when the price crosses a 50 SMA and closing when it crosses back over the 20 SMA. Now, i feel confident in tweeking trading methods I find others using to get the most pips I can get. Certainly not the only way to do it… but it definitely worked for me.

Good luck and don’t hesitate to ask your fellow pippers anything!

I think before start using fx robot, you need to become brilliant manual trader

Decent trader with the right knowledge how to check and use robots or systems at all and how to make [U]consistent[/U] money would be enough. You don’t have to be a genius to make some money.

not only how to make, but also how not to lose at the same time :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome!!!

Well here’s two trading systems that ACTUALLY work: Technical Trading Systems (and some more to follow soon). And what’s more: they’re free!!! As everyone else has noted on this thread thus far: there’s NOTHING that you need to pay for in this business. It’s all out there for free!!! What’s more: you can make this business AS complicated or as UNCOMPLICATED as you wish.



Hello, I have a trading system based on Heikin Ashi signal combined with Awesome Oscillator , EMA and William %. Have a look the system for free in my website.

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Absolutely right! Making money is easier than keep that money. If that was your point? :slight_smile:

I know, some ppl may wonder now how it could be easy to make money if they lose all the time, lol.