Suggestions On Trading Psychology

I’ve read many books, watched podcasts and even interviews on trading psychology but nothing seems to help guys. I still find it hard having a perfect mindset when trading.
Any suggestions or ideas I would really appreciate if you can help out :slightly_smiling_face:

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Forget psychology! We are by nature emotional beings. Get your strategy down. Have a set routine to be able to follow your strategy. Once you are good with your strategy and if you have proven long term success with your strategy then psychology will take care of itself.


You just wrote how to handle with emotions in trading

You obviously don’t have any better answers since you just complained about my answer.

And you wrote about forget psychology and you wrote how to handle psychology in trading.

Absolutely correct.
That’s because my belief is trading is 95% strategy and only 5% psychology. Or even less than 5%.
Sure, there will be people who disagree, and I respect their opinion.
But so far I’m the only one with remotely any opinions on how to handle psychology.

Another possible solution for @Forexkhid would be to have your strategy coded into a trading robot.

There’s no such thing as the perfeect mindset. Most people who struggle with psychology in trading are simply gambling, it’s an addiction and that’s how you should look at it.

If you were a smoker trying to quit, you would simply ignore the urges to smoke, not think about it. Same goes for trading, try to avoid thinking too much and ingore all the emotions you’re feeling. Just focus on perfoming well, nothing else matters, not the wins, not the losses, just your performence.

I know it’s easier said than done, but it gets easier with time.

you deny your claims and blame me for bringing this to your attention. Congratulations

Sorry, what on earth am I denying?
If you don’t have anything useful to add for the topic why bother picking fights with other members of the forum?
Sorry, you are losing any respect I had for you.

Your statement

denying your statement

Your answer will change my approach to answer to the forum because it’s not about answering precisely, but about not hurting the feelings of others with your answer, even if they answer wrongly.

Okay , Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

@BAD14214 and @ProfesorPips why y’all dragging this. :melting_face: I think we should respect everyone’s opinion not to be dragging one another :smiling_face_with_tear:

Okay so now i sight an excellent setup to short but still contemplating whether its the right time to short but my strategy says short. What’s the next step???
N.S :This doesn’t mean i don’t trust my strategy or my strategy isn’t profitable
BTW i hate bot trading :slightly_smiling_face:

My advice is: start balancing your life, then look at balancing your trading. By balancing your life, I mean, clean your room, shower, sleep enough, start eating better, then start trading. If your life is messy, so will be your trading, whether or not you have a proven strategy, because then you won’t have the peace of mind and focus to trade correctly, enter a trade, and leave it.

I just had a whole month of drawdown because my strategy still needed tweaking and simplifying, but mostly because my life was a mess, my relationship was a mess, I was overwhelmed. At the start of this week, we had a deep conversation with my partner, cleared out our emotional mess, then we started to clear out the mess in our flat, and since 3 days my trading has never been better.

Like I heard it yesterday in a podcast: “People don’t realise how close they are to being profitable”. Sometimes, trading psychology isn’t about psychology in trading, but more about the psychology in your life. Hope that helps


Why might you doubt your strategy?
Have you been following your strategy plan to the letter in demo trading (or back testing) including your risk management plan?
If so you would have statistical data to convince you that your strategy works.

Maybe you haven’t properly back tested your strategy?

Other possibilities.

You are fearful of entering sell trades instead of buy trades.

Maybe you are in the middle of a drawdown and it is sapping your confidence, but maybe your statistics tell you your drawdown will end soon.

Unfortunately it’s difficult to speculate on the exact reason why you are fearful of entering your sell trade even though your strategy tells you to sell.

Hopefully you can do a self analysis check to learn why.

Have you been keeping a trading diary?

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I wanted to clarify this misunderstanding, but as I see, misunderstanding is more important than clarify mistake , good to know. Let’s continue :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow thanks so much.

Got some relationship mess I have to fix too.

Uhmm yeah sure I do but not always .
Maybe i needa be serious on that too. Risk management??? LOL I’m an African trader

Thanks for the cooperation :slightly_smiling_face:

This doesn’t mean you can’t learn to use risk management.

One of the most comm on types of risk management is to ensure you are winning more than 50% of your trades with minimum 1:1 risk reward. And use a constant risk each trade until you have built a profit buffer before scaling up.

There are many other risk management methods.

I suggest doing some trading risk management study and add this into your system.

Wishing you all the best.

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