Sunday GAP Trading EA - Backtesting Results but Tick data backtest needed

Hi everyone i have been testing a GAP trading EA that trades the weekend open on sunday. I have best optimised this as best i can but now i am in need of some assistance.

Now this EA is meant to only run on EURUSD on M1. I have included the backtest i ran on M1 and M5, the M1 test only had a 25% modelling quality but the M5 test had a 90% modelling quality. Results below are from August 2009 - August 2013 on a MT4 Backtest.

I have included the EA and set file used so you just need to download it and use the set file and your good to go.

Could anyone run a backtest from August 2009 - August 2013 on M1 with tickdata? I would like to see if these results are better or worse than the M5 backtest.

Any questions please fire away.


Gap Trading (8.21 KB)

Gap Trading (717 Bytes)

Strategy Tester - EURUSD - (234 KB)

there you go,
2011-2013 today

it looks a nice EA, but I guess order management could be better, I’ve tried to enable a trailing stop but with no luck

ootb settings give a huge profit