Sunday opening

I thought Sunday opening was 3pm central time (US). However the last couple of weeks I have got on platform (oanda) at 1-2pm and it appears trading is already started, what am I missing here? I normally don’t trade till late Sunday anyway, but just curious.

I’m still relatively new at this and don’t have the market times etched in my brain yet. But I came across this awesome clock that tells you when each and every market is open / closed and for how much longer. It can be found on the site I’m not allowed to post a link yet because I’m a newbie here. Go to that site and under tools look for the Forex Clock, you’ll love it.

To answer your question I went through all of my trading pairs here on the East coast and show an opening of 4pm so 3pm for you sounds right.

market opens at 5pm eastern on sunday


Correct: the RETAIL FOREX market ITSELF opens at 5:00pm, Sunday, New York time. Be careful though: some brokers don’t open at this time i.e. I know of at least one broker that opens an hour later for some or the other unknown reason (so this is useless if you’re trying to trade the weekend opening gap as is being discussed on another thread at this very time or hey: maybe that IS the reason they open an hour later).



Forex Clock | Forex Session Times | Forex4Noobs

here’s the link