Sunday trading hours according to ict

how long is the Sunday trading window (hours) according to ict '?

First step to success: dont believe ICT.

People like ICT are often obsessive about the details of their strategies. So if you make a decision based on one 30-minute bar’s close and they say you should have been looking at the previous 30-minute bar’s close, that’s why they are a millionaire and you are losing money.

I have never heard of any ICT trading that defies basic market principles. But he has also said that he makes more money from teaching traders than from trading.

ICT’s ideas are sound because he is ripping off existing work, re-naming it and making it unnecessarily complicated.

He has been caught and exposed for using Photoshop to fake withdrawals. Why people still want to “learn” from a fraud is beyond me.

Aye that’s cos ppl were vying to get onto his paid mentorship programme in their 1000’s

Good marketing - 1st offer free, then a link for ‘help’, then a charge. The more ppl derided then the greater interest there was.

Is now back to free as far as I know - likely making good revenue from YT

All in a day’s work I suppose.

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With his history it’s possible he could find another career as President of Harvard. I hear they have a vacancy…

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He should migrate to India and set up a scamming company there. He would be worshipped as the God of Scammers.

Interesting how many members wish to rubbish what I consider to be a good volume of work, but nobody answered your question. What is the reason for the question. Does it have any practical significance to your strategy or trading plans?

Edit: Sorry, I was confusing ICT with NNFX. I have not experienced ICT, but I have watched 150 NNFX videos and found them good value.

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Reading a lot about ICT. Who, or what, is this?

inner circle trading

Ah, thanks!

I think it starts at 5PM ET. So 5PM- midnight.

I have an indicator made by somebody that includes a bunch of ICT trading techniques. And the Sunday session is marked starting Sunday 5PM in the indicator.