Sundays Lesson

Remember only intra day traders know what’s really going on and can react first.

Everyone else will either be one day late or have some ridiculous theoretical reason why some imaginary move will occur.

Real time is key to what is happening.

When we are trading intra day and banking our smaller moves try and work what is truly going on underneath. What is really setting up. Remember you will know about it first and if you see it occurring then jump on the train because its leaving the station.

What ever you do, don’t go and listen to retail traders talking to other retail traders on the web. Don’t be fooled if they are chief market analyst for XYZ, that’s just someone who knows a bit more technical analysis than you do. He is employed by his company to give the crowd what they want to hear so they trade more.
Lets take the EURUSD on Friday. Whilst I’m trading it I said were down in the fibs by the ellipse in the morning. The only way we can get a run is to let the US session do it for us, the morning’s momentum has gone. So when the US come down and do the re test and it holds, and then we bounce, you know the odds are this is leading up to the breakout later in the day that so many people are watching for.

The train is starting to move. The next two pullbacks are buyable, shown by the arrows. Hit it hard and go for the run. You are in before everyone else.

Let everyone else talk about it afterwards, which is what they like doing. Let the gobbly gook technical analysis traders cancel their last stupid analytics and make new ones on Monday based on what just happened.

We saw it first, we traded it first and we’ll sell to those that join it late and take our profits. That is good trading.

That is how you make good profits.

Here is the EURUSD chart showing when we saw it setting up and how any of the pullbacks shown were great buying opportunities.

So whats the point of this thread ???

He’s prepping himself to be the next Babypips guru.

But my question is, why was I able to see the long bias for EU for weeks now? Two days before he is talking about getting ahead of the rest because he is on a five minute chart I was already long on my daily chart. I’m just one of the retail guys.

There is no secret logic. There are no magic tricks. Just move in the direction of price.

Gunner, it is becoming scary how often we think alike… I hope you are no offended by that thought…:slight_smile:

Me, a Baby Pips Guru? That’s a nice idea. :slight_smile:

To entice you to pay for something from Alan Rich.

Mr Rich, there is a 50+ page thread devoted to yuo on the trade2win forum. Here is a sample of a post from one of the regulars who claims to have met yuo in person

Alan Rich is just trying to make a buck from vending rubbish. Pure and simple. I visited him and it was pretty obvious. I probed what he was trying to sell me and queried all his “setups” (miscellaneous printouts from various trade fairs he’d done). After a couple of hours it was pretty clear he had nothing to offer. He couldnt get me out of his (council estate) door quick enough. Pure scam. This guy is not a trader to aspire to.

would yuo care to comment on the above? both here and on trade2win, after all yuor reputation is being torn to shreds over there. If it was me and I was trying to sell a new scanner for $2,500 (or should that be scammer?) I would be vigorously defending my reputation but yuo appear to have let that 50 page thread go unchallenged…

  • Car Key Boi
    retired but still capable of ripping yuor ride to shreds - Do Never Test

Oh such joy
I guess we now have the T2W garbage to wade through on here too.
Not only are that lowlife content to spread their cancerous tumours over in that cesspit, they’re now heading this way.

yes, that’s because t2w recently took the bold step of curtailing vendor linking via homepage and vendor badge. vendors have taken flight, one has landed here, good luck babypips mods :59:

Least you could do before hitting the submit post button is run a quick check over your scribble & tidy up the mistakes, there’s a good chap.
No need to add to the already poor grammatical contributions rife on here.

lol, if most of the clowns over there (& here) spent as much time deploying some common sense whilst conducting due diligence as they do stomping their feet & dribbling all over their shirts, there would be way less of this junk clogging up decent forum space.

It’s very much out of character for me to cross over to another trading forum just to post a warning about yet another scammer.

if this forum was, for the most part, populated by hardened, seasoned fx traders then I wouldn’t give two hoots if someone get stung for a few grand. I would think “serves yuo right, let that be a lesson”

as stated above they should have done the due diligence.

but I made an exception in this case because somebody on t2w posted the name ‘babypips’ and I thought “WTF? sounds like some sort of nursery”

so I took a glance at the home and the ‘about us’ pages and that’s exactly what babypips is, a resource dedicated to the education and nurturing of inexperienced users who want to take the first steps to becoming an fx trader, and there’s nothing wrong with that - it fact it’s a very commendable raison d’etre

on the other hand, Mr Rich’s raison d’etre is to prey on those aforementioned naive and inexperienced users who are taking their first steps in the shark-infested waters that is fx, stocks and commodities trading

he is a predator, make no mistake about that, he’s like the internet trading equivalent of Jerry Sandusky (Brits: read Jimmy Saville) and the posts that he’s made so far on this forum are, as someone already stated previously, designed to establish himself as a guru before going in for the kill. This is the ‘grooming’ stage, and left unchecked it won’t be long before he drops his pants and tells some poor naive fool to have a feel of his scanner

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    tells it like it is - TROOF!

Why not let him be the predator…? If for whatever reason people lose their money with this guy then good! It will be a valuable life lesson for them. Hopefully it will weed out the retards who aren’t going to make it in this business to begin with. Without the wolf, the rabbits multiply to such an extent they will destroy the habitat…

For those born without common sense, being burnt is the only way they will gain it.

How lovely for them.

But it doesn’t change the fact (& it never will) that as soon as a trading forum opens its doors for business the vendors will shuffle in attempting to peddle their wares & from then on it becomes a steady stream.
Alan Rich is just one of many & believe it or not, the folks (& moderators) on here are more than capable of identifying them & taking the appropriate action when required.

I would have thought you fella’s have more than enough on your plate filtering & shifting the constant mountain of garbage in your own back yard without taking on someone else’s.

As Banker accurately noted, trading forums are packed with, & extremely attractive to naïve, get rich quick merchants. Those types will always fall for a good line in spin regardless how many warning signs are displayed.

The smart & the strong always take the two most valuable assets from the weak & naïve…their money & their time.
It’s the same the world over & this environment is no different.
It’s on a constant cycle of rinse & repeat & quite often the same muppets get sucked into that cycle time & again.

as I previously said if this place was a forum for seasoned traders I wouldn’t have paid any mind to Alan Rich’s predatory behavior

but it’s not, it’s a nursery and call me old-fashioned but I like to see newbies giving a sporting chance. At least give them the opportunity to learn how to swim before yuo toss them into the sea with the sharks. If Thalia and Banker Boi are of the same mindset as Alan Rich and are quite happy to grab a toddler by the throat and drown him while he’s still flapping about in the paddling pool, then good for them. It would appear that they’ve found themselves a good home here

anyways, I’ve flagged up Mr Rich’s colorful past dealings (and the charts that he peddles really are colorful, they’re also useless but nonetheless very pleasing on the eye) it’s up to the mods here to ignore or take appropriate action if they see fit. My work here is done

Mission Accomplished :cool:

  • Car Key Boi

Retired…living in the West Indies

Having spent most of my working life staring at a bank of monitors, I now spend that time looking out for bandits to shoot who are after my madd loot. Much more fun and relaxing :cool:

Oh what a hero… Saving the stupid from themselves for another day. Bravo.

Seems like Car Key Boi has a reason for his actions and the energy he is expending is directed towards a just cause.

Your motivation eludes me?

Your effort is much appreciated…:slight_smile: Here we have also a group tha is on the watch for scammers. Normally this will flame up when somebody get suspicious…

Until now, Alan haven’t said a lot. To be honest, if he offers training than I wish him all the luck. But I haven’t seen anything yet that makes me draw my wallet, so I am ready to be impressed…:slight_smile:

By the way, there may be noobs here. But it is a lot more lively than at t2w…:wink: One reason why I like it more here…

Now, you may rest again on the beach in the West Indies… We may see each other soon if the FX gods are with us… Safe us a spot will you?

Seems like Car Key Boi has a reason for his actions and the energy he is expending is directed towards a just cause.

Your motivation eludes me?

Self gratification for thinking he is helping anyone is a just cause? People stupid enough to throw their money away will not listen to warnings… Therefore the only result of someone warning anyone is pats on the back from people who were not planning on throwing money away to the scammer to begin with and the self gratifying feeling that comes with thinking that he is helping anyone.

So your saying scammers are fine, dont bother hassling them, they are practically providing a public service.

But if you try and help new traders out and possibly save them money even if it is to get a self gratifying feeling then you need to be reprimanded.

Very unusual.

Yeh pretty much… There is a “flag” option under every comment… Simply flag posts you find suspicious and let the mods deal with it. That is what they do… It is useless to do anything more… Stupid people do not listen to warnings.