Super Signals

I have come across a company who provide a super signals service at $299 per month, ranging from profit of 1000-5000 pips per months.

This is not my company, or my account, or my signals. I am not advertising.
I am a contributor on babypips and have been for a while, having made no mention of this signals provider until now.

They have there own software through which they send the signals.
They have three systems, in this month they made 1000 pips to date from only one system, and all three systems together have made upto 5000 pips.

Please remember that the signals provided are [I]extremely accurate[/I] with precise entry and exit levels with [I]minimal [/I] drawdown and tight stop losses.

Ok, enough talking gibberish. Unlike many other signal providers you can access the account where some of the signals are traded. The account start size is $3000 only, and you can see how low risk and highly profitable the trades are.

I am not telling you the signals provider now, as I do not want people to just jump straight in thinking it is the holy grail, and trade 10 lots on the first signal thinking it is going to be a 100% winner and lose all there money, like mostly all newbies do.

I want you to analyse the trades yourself, and judge for yourself, the precise entry, exit, tight stop loss, minimal drawdown, and consistent profit.
Banks and finincial instutions, and the team of professional traders have inside information, and also magic levels with the ability to forecast price action. Of course not all the time 100%. The signals are based mainly on price action (which the most experienced traders will tell you, is the best way to trade).

Once you guys are happy that this is the real deal. Then I will give the details of the signals provider upon request.

LOL, yes your whole 6 posts is so trustworthy. Spammer, gtf out.

Lets use some logic here for anyone noobish enough to fall for this"

A person or group of people is able to generate acurate trade signals that produce good profit with minimal risk, but instead of trading and becoming rich from trading or even proving it and selling the service for several million to a bank, (because their signals are sooooo good) there master plan is to sell the service for $300 a month, when it’s possible to trade much larger than that per pip.

Conclusion…Some scammer trying to convince a few people to hand over the CC digits and get charged $300 a month, until they call up the CC and block them.

Agreed. It’s a scam for sure…

““I am a contributor on babypips and have been for a while”” :eek:

I apologise, but I havent been here for a while, my mistake.

Before you start dissing it, why dont you see the results and let the results speak for it self?

I will upload real statements here everyday, and you can verify it to see if it is real or not.

They also do account management for those who dont have time to trade themselves, with a split profit of 50/50.

And no, they dont ask for your CC details.

So, it’s a managed account and not a robot?

No its not a ROBOT, you have a choice if you want signals or managed account.

The account is managed through very good money management. If you do not know anything about money management, then use the managed account service, if you have trading experience, then the signals service is for you.

The managed account only uses the safe signals and safe trading.

So you are protecting us from ourselves, kinda like the government…

Posting all the info will help people to investigate your claims, otherwise you are just another spammer. We are able to think for ourselves and someone who would break their rules on an unproven signal was going to lose all their money without your “help”.

The reason I havent posted all the info is because of what you guys are doing.

If I give you all the details then you will just give bad credibility to the signals without any proof.

So that is the reason I would like you to see the trades for yourself. And then comment what ever you want, whether you think its spam, fraud, good bad or ugly.

Please see the attached statement for the signals/trades.

The ACM statement is from a live account.

And the other are details on the signals provided since May.

You have my atention and i will not be rude i will look if i like what you post if i dont i leave if i like it i stay and ask more :slight_smile:

in the pdf´s i cant see a result of all pips winning minus the loosing ones ??

i dont see that they are soooooooooooooo accurate the have alot of loosers also if i understand it right tight drawdown maybe i cant see it they seem to swingtrade or dy trade 30 and 15 minutes.

can you tell us more pls ?

best regards

On the morning call (EUROPEAN SESSION) pdf - You can see the total pips on the top in yellow:
The total pips made in [B]4 days[/B] in the morning of european session is [B]397 pips.[/B]

On the dynamic trading pdf - you can also see the total pips in yellow on top:
[B]The total pips made since the beginning of May is 1024 pips.[/B]

These are two different trading systems. The morning call trading session is starting at 7-8am GMT+2, they scalp with the big dogs for 2-3 hours on H1 for 30-100 pips per trade.

The second strategy which is the dynamic trading, this involves trading breakouts during the day.

The third strategy is swing trading, which is long term trades with big pips, low risk trading, I have yet to post results for this. Will do next week.

I have also attached a live trading statement with AC Markets.
I know its german, I will translate it for you:
[B]Total profit of $3304.31 profit in 2 days[/B], Starting balance $5522 and ending balance $8760.

This is about 40% profit in 2 days.

And yes, there are losses and they do use stop losses. You will never find signals or managed account with 100% profit, if you do, then this is because they dont use a stop loss, and eventually 1 trade will blow the account. I never claimed this to be the holy grail, far from it. It is a professional trading service.

This is only 2 days, if you are still skeptical, keep watching this space.
If you got any more questions, let me know.

ty for the reply yes offcourse they loose but it seemed like alot of loosers in some fields maybe i get it whrong.

i am glad u take your time to talk about them im not scared if they good then it is intresting.

40procent in 2 days seems little like the holly grail almost too good 40 procent in one mounth is good if u have good MM like risk 1 or 2 procent eatch trade.

best regards

Yes, risk is usually 1-3% per trade.

Yes there are losers, like all trading systems, I never claimed no losing trade.

But as you are saying, with effective MM, it is overall profitable.

but 40 procent in 2 days then u must have many trades with risk of 2 procent

many trades or trades that have a verry high risk revard ratio so for every 20 pips they loose they win 100 or something

best regards

That is the managed account by the professional trader. How you manage risk on your own account is up to you. But the professional trader knows if the signals are good quality or not, hence the appropriate application of risk.

More statement to come next week. 40% in 2 days, its been a very good 2 days, can this be replicated constantly, only time will tell, keep watching.

F1trader Im following this thread as well, but quick question, are you planning on telling us where do these signals come from and how we can be part of it?
Thanks, have a safe weekend everyone.:smiley:


Yes I will do, once every1 is satisfied that this is not some sort of a scam, and it is a genuine professional service. I have not disclosed it yet because of the attitute of some people here, like the people earlier on in the thread who have no information whatsoever and labelled it as a scam.

Once you are satisfied that the signals and trades are good, and I will give you the details.

For now, we can continue watching there live forward performance, and see if they still perform good or bad.

I also do not want anybody to lose there money and jump straight into it, without seeing there performance.

that sounds good to me, next week I guess we will continue going over everything then :slight_smile: