SuperTrend + Bollinger + MACD

Hello forex buddies,

I am trying this system but I might need some suggestions

The system is based on the following indicators:

  • Bollinger Bands 100,2, this helps to exclude ranging periods
  • SuperTrend 5,3.0 (but this might change depending on the currency and chart
  • MACD 10,34,5

Buy signal

  • Current MACD signal higher than previous
  • Price over upper bollinger band
  • Price above Supertrend line
  • Time in the session for the pair

Sell signal

  • Current MACD signal lower than previous
  • Price lower than lower bollinger band
  • Price lower than Supertrend line
  • Time in the session for the pair

Stop Loss

  • Previous value of the supertrend line (since the current one is still in formation)
  • the Stop Loss follows the SuperTrend line
  • Call x the pips between price and the SL

Take Profit

  • 2*x
  • Close half of the order when the gain is x, TP incresed to 4*x, leave the rest of the order till SL is hit

The system works ok during a trend but I find difficult to stop it when the price is ranging, any suggestion?

I already wrote an EA and can change parameters quickly, however the SuperTrend indicator is really slow to compute during the backtesting

Thanks guyz

How’s it been working?

Well thanks for sharing this strategy. Haven’t tried anything like this and it does seem interesting. Let me try it out and then shall get back with an authentic answer.