Supertrend vs Bollinger bands

What are the differences between Supertrend and Bollinger bands in intraday trading strategies?

Hi Ranjith,

I strongly suggest you start here, and go through every lesson slowly and carefully …

After you’ve done that, you’ll understand enough to be able to formulate questions whose answers will actually help you. At the moment, they won’t.

It’s good to ask beginners’ questions in a forum, of course, but be aware that at the moment, some of the answers you’re getting (in the other threads you’ve started) are very mistaken and misguided - unsurprisingly - because they’re being supplied by people who (by their own admission!) know almost nothing, certainly less than you, and are in no way able to “teach” you!! :woozy_face:

One of the most important skills you can acquite, in your trading journey, is the ability to judge by whom to be guided.

Don’t imagine that something you’re told is correct just because “someone said it in a forum”!

About Supertrend and Bollinger Bands, specifically, these pages may help you …

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Thank you so much

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Thanks for this also Jane! :sweat_smile: Tbh, I’m not very familiar with the supertrend indicator. I don’t think I’ve read about it on the school here, but the article is pretty helpful. :blush:

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