Support from you guys

Good day everyone, am Sunday Habila, am new in forex, i really need you guys support, i have good dreams and in all i think Forex is my future, all my day to days activities is nothing but Forex is my life, i never invest in Forex am trying to invest, i really need support from you guys, thanks guys love you all

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welcome Mate , thank you for choosing Baby pips , its the best place for newcomers of course , by the way , dont take Forex as your future , take your hard working and consistency as a future. Thanks

Welcome welcome @sunnysharp! :blush: Since you’re now part of the community, I’ll always be cheering you on! :smiley: I just hope that you don’t forget that the outcome of this journey really depends on you and what you’re willing to give and do to learn more about forex. :blush: I’m sure that with hardwork and the right mindset, you’d get closer to your dreams! :smile:

great support system here. good luck.

Welcome to babypips @sunnysharp. I agree with @ria_rose. The outcome will really depend on how much effort you are willing to exert. If you need support and people who will cheer you on, we’ll surely be here along with the rest of the BP community. :slight_smile: Good luck on your trading journey. :slight_smile:

Thank you sir

just keep your relevant question, you will get exact answer within very short time. all members are supportive in here

Hello anyone here?

yes , mate any question you have ? have you finished school of psychology ?