Sure shot winning method!

Hi all ! statement attached is for the past 04 months of trading which has yielded excellent results. Request your opinions and comment.

It is quite strange … so many view but no comment;(

Hey. Am commenting frim my mobile but what is your strategy?

it is simple, short by seeing RSI(14) levels from overbought levels, take positions by using M1,M5 time frames and leave for hour or so. If you want more pips then see the trend in D frame and take position. I prefer selling as you can see from the statement. And don’t forget to put stop loss. you can see from my statement , whenever i have not put stop loss i have lost…:wink: It might sound stupid but it works, no ROBOTS nothing only patience.

Hi yogmah,

Could you please elaborate on your strategy? TP, SL, etc…

Thanks, :wink:

With a drawdown of 55% does not make me feel confortable …

i use an EA called trailing stop, it take cares of the TP and SL. After taking position it is on its own.

A trader cannot predict is in what sequence the profits and losses will come… Will it be 8 consecutive profitable and 2 losing trades every time? Will it be 10 consecutive losing trades and then 3 profitable, and then 5 losing and then 15 profitable? It is impossible to tell in advance.

[QUOTE=dgouveia;331814]With a drawdown of 55% does not make me feel confortable …[/QUOTE]
I have been able to reduce my drawdown to 2.88 % … have a look;)

How many pips is your trailing stop?

What are your overbought and oversold levels? 80 20 ? 30 70? 50 level?


I was having nothing but bad trades, then 1 day I was looking for something easier and get back to basic’s, then I figured out this same technical way. haven’t tryed it much because I found a few other very simple basic ways I use to use and had forgotten about. Now I’m doing better

So share your method already :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to intrude by giving another method, but this thread is about the simple method of the RSI (14) and watching the oversold/over bought levels. Try changing the day setting and see which works best for you. This is what I found out when I was searching for a simpler way to trade. Then I found “the simple trading” method using the TDI here. The RSI is a great way tool and if you use it on a demo to get use to it, you may find a simpler way. I personally like the 20, 50, 80 settings. I use the 50 to catch a few insights as to where the market is, but as stated use the lower time frames as a set up.:57: