Surrender to Uncertainty

What if price goes up right after a sell the pair?? What if world collides?? Never happened to you? Well, I can only say one thing to it: Surrender to Uncetainty, you will never know what will happen tomorrow and you will never know why the market acted upon your favor or against you. Just surrender to the uncertain income, believe me, you will release yourself from a lot of stress.

wish I could say that that never happened to me, but it kinda happens every week. The market hasn’t move all morning and all as soon as I have a trade on, price move 30 pips to under water and hangs on tight for two days…

Am a warrior, and surrender even in the forex is an abomination- worse to uncertainty.Even after closing fertile positions hurriedly, my money kidnapped by my broker for month due to criminal withdrawal policies, despite my regulated broker not segregating my funds- despite suffering camouflage scams from regulated brokers (supposed to be FX icons of morality), I am still alive and kicking in the forex because my hope is immortal and can never be killed.Resolving that I would not easily surrender in the forex; least to uncertainty.

Really? Hove you found a certain method?? Nodody is bullet proof here, you don’t know what the income of each trade will be, so instead of worrying, just encomend your spirt to the certain income of any given trade.

I believe that uncertainty is a major concept in Forex, that’s why I lost so much money at the beginning but now, I try to minimize it as much as possible and just go with it, because that’s the world we live in.

Something you must learn about trading is that you must be counterintuitive if you wanna be succesful.

Great post. If you’ve done your research and have taken measures to protect your capital from too much losses, then there’s really nothing else to do but to sit back, relax, and let the price action play out. No use stressing over something you can’t control.

When I get out of a trade and price keeps going my way I look at it as “luck”, not because of my signal. People need to remember price can go up or down so there is a %50 chance it will keep going your way. %50 just isn’t good enough odds for my system.

Indeed, losing trades are stresful but mor stresful are winning trades.

The world is uncertain thats true but it can be mastered with the holy tool of : mathematical statistics.Yeah just like the weather forecast, they can never predict with 100% tomorrow’s weather but can hint to it by looking at yesterdays data and building it up in a mathematical model.On the market you do the same, look at past data,and trying to predict the chances of a move happening and only taking high probability moves for trades.