Survey - The role of algorithmic trading in today's and future markets

This survey is created with intention to map the general views of traders on algorithmic trading and his role in today’s and future markets.

Please, participate and share.

What will you do with the results?

Quick search on google and after reviewing their limited posts, one might suggest this more promotional than research.

Think we’ll leave well alone.

We just want to measure and present data for this topic also from traders perspective. You can see many surveys where analysts are asked about their opinion on fintech and influence on investors or industry. But very few surveys from traders, even less from retail. This topic is todays trend, industry is moving forward and we think that these informations could be usefull for everyone. We will also ask professional traders through LinkedIn etc. for fill this survey, to compare retail and professional traders on this topic. Do you think that we should ignore changes? We do not think so. But to be honest, bobbillbrowne is also partly right - we want some attention. It does not change anything on what I wrote above - interesting informations for traders and other industry participants. This survey is till 22.5., then we will release results. I hope that also bobbillbrowne will participate, because every opinion is important.

I just participated in the survey. :slight_smile: Will be interesting to see the results.

Just because it may be for promotional purposes doesn’t mean you should avoid it like the plague. He’s not spamming or taking away anything from the community; I see nothing wrong with his methods. Ads are only annoying when it is spam or irrelevant, but this is none of those things.

Agreed :slight_smile:

First week of the survey is behind us. If you did not participate yet, do not forget to do! It is for all types of traders and only 1 minute to fill.

Survey is till 22.5. Link is - The role of algorithmic trading in today's and future markets


the final results of the survey (received by e.mail, so re-posting it here on Algofxsolution’s behalf): | Survey of What Traders Think About The Role Of Algorithmic Trading

We processed the results and released a summary. Because the results are on our blog, we will not post a link here as we do not want to violate the forum rules. If you want to know the results, it is the last post on our blog. At the same time we want to thank everyone who participated in the survey.

EDIT: Thank you @PipMeHappy.