Swedish guy, swedish broker or no?

Anyone here has any supportive information about good brokers i can use if i live in sweden? would it be unusual for me to use a foreign broker, like, from great britain, or usa perhaps, rather than a swedish broker?

I’m practicing on Oandas Meta Trader 4 and feel comfertable with Meta Trader.

No, it would not be unusual for you to trade with a non-swedish broker (you can’t with a US based broker and you should not as that is the absolute worse thing you can do to your money). Select a broker which you offers you what you are looking for, does not have to be based in Sweden.

That is why it is called online trading Arvinski, you can use any broker no matter what location they have except US ones.

You can trade anywhere you like as long as you stay out of the US, but why would you want to head into a black hole anyway?

Having a broker that is comes from your country is not all that matter. The most important that thing is if the broker offers what you want in forex trading. There offshore brokers that accept other citizen. So you can widen your search so as to get the best.

Exactly the important thing is finding a broker that meets your needs not one that is near to you.