SweetSpots System with free indicators


Just get sweetspots and see what I mean

Daily I load my sweetspots indicators which draws support lines, resistance lines and they show immediate resistance or support. My strategy is to use this spots to open or exit a position.

Simplicity Of SWEETSPOTS:
I open long or short when candle bounce of this spots or when they pass this spots targeting next R or S.

On screen below yellow lines are sweetspots strong lines and dotted lines

Do you think I can adapt this system? Or integrated other indicators to perfect it?
Here are free indicators: sweetspots, candle time, spread, dailybreak, weeklybreakout and Corrected
Free-Indicators.zip (11.9 KB)
Average (That I use on my system)


Free-Indicators.zip (11.9 KB)

Latest version - Sweetspotss.zip (15.1 KB)

I use weekly and daily breakout to avoid opening false entry on this BREAKOUTS which can lead to big losses when breakout occurs.

Download the LATEST VERSION which has template for quick setup.

I do like how it draws S/R levels I mean I can do it myself but just to click a button and its done. I might check it out. I lost internet at my house so I cant do it till they fix my internet hopefully tonight.

Thanks, You will love it, no need to draw manually just a click of a button, check it out and post back.

I love the auto 5 day high idea, that is an indicator every mt4 users should have. :slight_smile:
Shame the only other lines it draws at 1000 and 250 price levels and I have no idea what the iCAD (i think that’s what it’s called) is. You could also look at pivot points as well?

pivotsD_v5.zip (7.6 KB)

edit: also there is no template file, only .ex4s

Shroomhead…thanks for the pivots points, I-CAi tells me when the trend has change on 5min, 15min, 30min, 60min, 4hr and even daily. I love as it will tell me to short when price is below and long when the price is above it.

Sweetspots is another might I haven’t discovered but on my trades when I set pending orders on this lines they give me 15-50 pips.

the chart after loading indicators

Ah ok thank you for the explanation, i’ll definatley have a look into it. The iCAi looks a bit like that Var-MA which flattens out whipsaws, interesting stuff.

So how do you set up your trades, just place pending orders with tight stops or wait for candlestick confirmation of a rejection?

The sweetspots really gave me 300pips in two days

great move

The sweetspots really gave me 350pips in yesterday alone

great move

Hey jordyobrien

Are you trading this system with a live or demo account? And how’s it been so far since the beginning of testing?

I’m trading this system with huge pips daily, today alone it hit my 200 pips take profit…happy day. so what happens is that system can be so good but it depends how you adapt and know it better.

Loughing day


Wow, looks like you have a great setup. Do you mind sharing?

Question, why are you’re charts becoming more and more clogged with indicators? Any why have you posted the same trades three times?

Also about the i-CAi you said:

But in the last picture you just went long for 230 pips even though the price was below the indicator? You also didn’t short the obvious rejection candles at 1.3900 to bag the typical “15-20 pips” you were mentioning yesterday despite this being below the indicator. Instead you kept the long position open all the way up, almost as if you “knew” the price would keep going?

This seems totally counter to everything you have mentioned about this method so far, care to explain?

Hehehehe…the system needs few strategy explanations which are in PDF don’t know how to load here but will see what to do.

You can upload a .pdf in exactly the same way as you attached those images :slight_smile:

Actually I try about 4 indicators which atleast two have to agree to open position, the sweetspots are my major. There are strong sweetspots (R or S)-heavy lines and week - dotted which I sometimes try to erase from chart, I added alerter signals when a price crosses a point if it is above a strong sweetspot I long, if below Short.

Mostly I use pending stop/limit which have to hit and give me at least 100pips from one strong sweetspot to another.

The open positions are not all closed once if I longed 5 positions of 0.1 lots, I close 2 or 3 then hold others expecting price to proceed beyond strong sweetspots so you bank more pips

The charts loaded above were to show yesterday move, today’s move and also probability. Depending on how you use sweetspots it is very profitable but you need to read user manual to understand the system.
To understand this system you have know pivots, resistance and support, like yesterday it went slightly below the Support then reversed, understand also strong and week resistance/support. If you feel the price will reverse on a 100pips support or resistance, place a pending order or limit.

I scalp when price nears strong support or resistance it hit and retreat sharply up-to 40pips and try again lovely

Shroomed This is why I opened Long yesterday

My setup for yesterday i opened position using Sweetspots Strong, price went back above R1 the two agreed you see below explanations

This strategy needed pivots, support and resistance as they are not along the sweetspots, but they show if price have broken or reversed.

S3 to R3 have 350pips this is my daily window to trade within this range

See only support below for yesteday trade idea of long

Just checking to see if you will post the pdf, or let us know which system this is and who is the creator.