Swing Trading Setup

Hello you very amazing people that make up these forums, that share amazing information. I very much hope you are doing well.

I was kindly wondered regarding the best strategy for trying to setup a Swing Trading setup possibly over a 3 month period. For instance on the Nasdaq Meta dropped to around 90 USD a low for that year in November 2022 and slowly over the next 6 months rose to around 250 USD. The only change was views on sentiment, then volume returning again. There was certain clues to the recovery such as the daily volume above the 20 day average volume. I kindly wondered please what other technical indicators would be useful to try to please setup these long term swing trades? Further could these be combined with fundamental such as growing revenues etc that can be summarised around the business please? I would be very grateful and thankful for any support you can please give.

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Hi, as you know, meta is a company, every company wants to earn more cash, achieve new peak on the chart, so you have two edges, tendency to long side and mean reverting type strategies. Regards Greg

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Thank you very much for your response ProfesorPips that was very kind of you to reply. I sincerely hope everything is going well for you.

Regarding the tendency to the long side, can i kindly ask would reviewing the 20 day average volume be helpful for a trading technique please? I can see that Meta stock has increased daily, as the 20 day average volume has been exceeded over the last 5 days. Can i kindly ask please if using this one indicator with the relevant stop losses would be a good trading plan please? If you kindly had time to get back to me i would be forever grateful.

Have a fantastic day and i do hope that your trading continues to succeed for you. Take care.