Swing Trading?

Sorry for the noob question … but what is swing trading?

As I understand it when you close one position, you open another one in opposite direction and do it consistently. Maybe some other details out there.

Swing trading is a type of trading wherein you hold your positions open anywhere between 1-7 days. Some have calculated the average to be 3 days, though there is nothing pre-defined. Most Swing traders trade off the 4H or higher time frame charts.

So the differnce only in the time frame?

As far as I understand - swing trading is not related to the timeframe.

Trend following trader - is someone who try to cupture the trend. From the beginning to the end.

Swing trader - During a trend, sometime there are small corrections in a direction opposite to the trend, and after a while the correction will reverse, and the price will continue with the trend. The swing trader is trying to take advantage of these swings correction reversals. He will not be in a position during the whole trend. Just duting the correction reversals.