Swiss Dealing

Dear fellow traders,

Let me introduce you Swiss Dealing, a new FOREX broker based in Switzerland. Swiss Dealing offers unique services with the following distinguished features:

[ul]No money deposits[/ul]
[ul]No minimum trade size[/ul]
[ul]Free Java API[/ul]

Currently, the service is in a public beta-testing phase, which means that money withdrawals are temporally disabled. We hope to go live in one month with a full integration with Pay Pal.

Please, visit our site and post you comments and suggestions in this thread.

Thank you and good luck in trading!

Let me further add a couple of comments.

About no deposit policy:
Although we do not accept money deposits, we do accept money transfers via PayPal to cover negative balance or to withdraw profits.

Demo/real account:
There is no demo account. Once you have registered, you receive a 100$ margin bonus for live trading. However, note that to withdraw profits you need to verify your account later.

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Dear traders,

Please, find below some further update on our service.

[ul]Preliminary, beta-testing will continue till the end of June. After that, money withdrawal via PayPal will be enabled. [/ul]

[ul]If you want to introduce our service, you can use the referral link provided after registration (check the profile section in the site). [/ul]

[ul]In rare occasions some price are N/A. It is done on purpose to protect our clients against random stops when spreads become too wide. [/ul]

[ul]Proxy is no yet supported but will be in the next release. [/ul]

Good luck in trading!


I checked out the website and such a broker is illegal under Swiss law.

And if the original poster wants to claim otherwise just post your Swiss banking license number and I’ll apologize…


Indeed, according to the Swiss Banking Law, any company that accepts deposit must have a banking license. Please, note that we do not accept deposits. We allow only for money transfers to cover a negative balance or withdraw profits.

Thank you for your feedback

Incorrect, but it doesn’t matter.

Legal forex brokers will always

  1. Accept deposits and withdrawals from a bank, not just paypal.

  2. Post a phone number on the website.

  3. Have a business model that’s capable of legally generating a profit.

  4. Have price quotes on their website that are not 4 months out of date.

  5. Have a functional registration page that does not generate Internal Service Errors when you sign up for an account.

  6. Follow forum rules on forex sites, they will pay to advertise their services.

  7. Own their own web servers, not use as a web hosting service…

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Legal forex broker is a broker that is in compliance with laws of the country it is registered. This is the only definition which I know.

We are still beta and that explains some of the points you have mentioned (errors, hosting and so on). I am really surprised about your remark on quotes. Please, indicate which quote is 4-month old.

Our business model is viable though different from what you can see elsewhere. In particular, we are targeting small clients. Therefore, we accept only PayPal and do not provide a phone number as service costs will be too high. Instead, we have a contact form and try to answer any request.

I understand your concerns but most of your remarks are driven by your experience with other brokers. We admit that our business model is different, which does imply that it is illegal.

If you cannot afford a phone then there is no way you meet the Swiss liquidity requirements to be a forex broker, hence you are not legal.

I’ve heard a lot of nonsense from scammers before, but this is by far the funniest. I saw a homeless guy with a phone the other day. They aren’t that expensive. :smiley:

I’ve said enough that no one is going to fall for your scam now, so I don’t need to prove anything else.

As for your quote problem, just call your IT guy and… oh wait, sorry… I forgot [B]you can’t afford a phone.[/B]

You are right. There is no reason to continue this discussion as you are not sufficiently qualified to make statements you are making. Just to illustrate the simple economic argument, think about that: PayPal does not have phone service.

That’s odd, because my wife has called Paypal customer service before…

I went to Paypal, typed “phone” in the search box, and found this in less than 5 seconds…

[I]PayPal Customer Service:


4:00 AM PST to 10:00 PM PST Monday through Friday
6:00 AM PST to 8:00 PM PST Saturday and Sunday[/I]

Got any more asinine comments??


could you try the same search on PayPal Switzerland? I wasn’t able to locate a phone number, which would then seem consistent with Alexey’s last comment.

I have managed to find the Swiss number 0844 560 158 but you have to do it yourself from your Swiss account. Since they will give you a temporary code. In the time we have first contacted PayPal, they were not offering phone calling as a comunication option. Or at least it was not obvious how to find the number.

sure paypal is reachable by phone,but its not what you can tell service,because they use premium-service numbers,so the custumer must pay much more than for a normal call…

thats the economical argument of paypal :wink:

this wannabee broker is making an endrun around swiss law and is tantamount to being a scam even if technically it is not.

people please if you want to trade forex than goto a reputable broker open a demo, learn there policys than if you are totaly comfortable open a live account with real money.

trading for free then incurring a debt is not only stupid but it is crazy!!!

It has to be a scam, there is simply no other way for this “broker” to make money.

People that incur a debt will just stop trading with them and not pay it, while people that build their accounts up will eventually withdraw their funds. We all know this has to be a market maker and not an ECN, so how will they stay in business if it’s not a scam?

It has to be a scam

youre right I think they must swindle the few winners coz anyone good a forex would stay far far away. and for the losers i dnt know maybe some will pay but it is a recipe for disater. im certain they will fail unless they can make money off of google adsense or something lol!!!

Hi, can be able connect through MT4 which is very nice platform with so many functionality. Current Java based s/w is not fast as MT4 with so many limitations, frequently disconnected. So I suggest connect your services with MT4 will be very nice for clients