Switching from manual backtest to auto tossed my hopes

hi all

so far i’ve been trading only manually and i am (was) using a strategy which was quite happy with it even tho i’ve been using it only recently. I’ve backtested it on all of 2020’s for a handful of pairs and worked fine, so I decided to code it as an EA just to find out that prior to 2020 it…never really worked :confused:

so my hopes just got grumbled to pieces :sob:
does that mean the strategy is bad? or is it normal for an EA to be tweaked/optimized yearly?

I mean EA/robots etc are all new for me, and coming from manual backtest I could have never known it sucked so bad since I wouldn’t be able to backtest a strategy for so many years on so many currencies. Usually I cap my manual backtesting for about 150-200 trades per pair.

should I just toss away this strategy and go for something else? :confused:

There are different schools, some traders optimizing strategies others not, it depends on each trader and trading comfort. One year is to little period for back test. Regards Greg

You will never find an EA that will perennially give you results. They just work temporarily for very specific market conditions, hence they always have to be tweaked around. If there was to be any such program that would run successfully throughout, every trader would have been using it by now.

Of course there is no magic EA, portfolio EAs and creating new strategies can give you advantage on the forex market. Regards Greg

Yeah, some EAs will work some of the times but no EA will work for a long time.

Most times I have looked over results from EA’s on back-test, you find they are simply lists of entries, with no trade exits. They also comprise multiple (unlimited) numbers of parallel entries on the same pairs, and even multiple entries on the same pair but in opposite directions.

Its the strategy that makes the EA, not the EA that makes the strategy.

As per my experience in the market, I find automated trading quite helpful. It helps you make profits from the changes that take place in a fraction of seconds. But if you are more comfortable trading manually, you can do that also because you will always be the master of your trades and can make your decisions as per your understanding.

Both manual trading and automated trading have their own set of benefits. It is up to the trader to decide what he is aiming at. You must know where you want to reach and trade in accordance with that. It is up to you to decide whether you want to use automated trading or manual trading.