Synthetic indices analysis

i`m here to learn how to analyse the chart but i trade synthetic indices

i’m very sorry to hear it (as that’s a sure-fire way of stacking an already-very-adverse deck even further against yourself) but welcome to the forum anyway


My condolences.


Welcome to the Babypips community!

They tell you in the name that they are fake financial instruments.

The price action and market structure is generated by a random number generator not from buy and sell orders in the market. Random numbers can’t replicate the human fear and greed that also drive price.

Strategies based on order flow, supply & demand, liquidity, and support & resistance only work anecdotally out of coincidence. There are no actual orders, including your own, anywhere in the synthetic market.

If there are no orders and the chart doesn’t reflect any actual trading activity, what are you basing your analysis on? :thinking:


Hellooo! :blush: Do you already have your heart set on trading synthetic indices? :open_mouth: I mean, even the school here kinda warns against it. :confused:


using the price action you can trade the synthetic indices smoothly i promise you this

yeah all my eyes are on synthetic now

You must be here to promote something, then: no genuine new member could be as ill-informed, dogmatic or stubborn as you seem to be.


there’s nothing to learn to “analyze” if it’s synthetic, because it’s randomly generated, not a market

but for some reason, you don’t want to hear this reality?

puzzling indeed :unamused:

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Nevermind the facts about synthetics, how can you make that promise while looking to learn how to analyze a chart? :thinking:

I agree with @Pipsteroid and @flamingoproxy you’re obviously not here to learn because you have already made a very committed but ill-advised and uninformed decision that synthetics are the way the to go.

It should be a red flag that synthetics aren’t listed on TradingView because TradingView only provides data for real, actual, and legitimate asset classes and markets.

I think I can speak for most, when I say that we only trade actual real markets over here, not random number generated price action which is basically video poker.

I’m turning off notifications for this thread and wishing you good luck on your journey. :v: