Syriza and Troika collaboration..any expectations?

Syriza declines to collaborate with troika and demands debt relief triggering the attention of the ECB, what further developments do you expect?

Breakdown of Greece from EU, reviving their old currency becoming Russian ally.
Regarding market impact I think it’ll have a hand in aggravation of EUR decline so keep up with holding my short positions on EUR/USD

I think a Grexit will be good for the Euro. Interesting that comments have been made to leave the EU altogether.

How come do you think that Grexit will do any good for the Euro. I have got say that, it looks very certain that the exit of Greece will deploy more issues and the Euro will even loose more value. By the way, I came across this article: Quantitative Easing: Is Europe destined to fail? - AtoZ ForexAtoZ Forex Basically it also mentions that Euro and even Europe will negatively impact from the situation.

Greece and their plans or at least talks to exit. Same story all over again. I wonder how long this will be a drag on the Eurozone economy. Maybe its best to cut the losses now, but maybe it is already too late. I am trading the Euro very short term for now.

European stock markets have regained their composure as traders digested the news that anti-austerity party Syriza swept to victory in Greece overnight.
The FTSE 100 was flat at around 10am after opening down 0.5pc on Monday morning, while Germany’s Dax, which started the day down 0.1pc, is up 0.8pc.
Stock markets in the eurozone periphery also recovered, with Spain’s Ibex and Italy’s Mib gaining 0.3pc and 0.1pc respectively having slipped 0.5pc and 0.9pc on the open. However Greek stock markets remained in the red, and were down 1.4pc by mid-morning.
Overnight the euro slid to a fresh 11-year low against the dollar of $1.1098, having already taken a hammering last week after the European Central Bank announced a bigger-than-expected €1.1 trillion stimulus programme. It has since clawed back some of the losses, and was trading at around $1.1230 by 11am.
Asian stocks were also jittery overnight, with the Nikkei losing 0.3pc. In Shanghai, stocks are down 0.1pc, while Hong Kong equities are off 0.8pc.

Thank you for sharing your advice Rambo, on trading the mentioned pair intraday or like you said: very short term. This drama has taking it’s toll on the eurozone and the longer it last the more damage it will bring to the EU. I think it is indeed better to cut it off the ties once for all, creating a deficiency at first, but the Euro is strong enough to regain it’s strenght. @babypips4, I highly appreciate you for providing the useful insights on the stock market with the relation to this topic!

The moment of truth is nearing, with final deadline on Friday. We will see if Germany and Greece, will be able come to an compromise or that the it will be definite Grexit.