System backtesting

anyone can suggest software for system backtesting?
i need significant history, like several months or more for 4hr charts or several weeks for 30min charts
also all kind of indicators are a must
so far i’ve used platform but it really sucks imo
thanks in advance

Hi eyecelll,

You could look into Metastock or Esignal, I personally use Metastock. They both have built in backtesting, but sometimes you may find it best to manually backtest yourself. Neither will be cheap for intraday data.

You can look into signing up for a 7 day free trial through fxtrek desktop edition, they allow you to download data. Once you have it downloaded, just cancel the trial.

I don’t know of any free alternatives to get that much data for a shorter time frame then daily; maybe someone else here knows of one.

I am using Esignal and searching for a good provider.the good thing is to have a set and forget system not too much of signals on the same day.
testing now:,,
but i trying to learn more to rely on myself and take my decisions