Take it easy!

This is something that I’ve been wanting to post for a while now but ‘held back’ because I don’t like getting involved in this type of thing but I can no longer restrain myself.

And this is mainly for the seasoned and experienced traders and / or the traders that have been at this JUST long enough to NOT be wiping out their accounts but are still ‘not quite there yet’ and think or feel or believe that they ‘know it all’.

Now I don’t know if it’s just the current global economic situation or if it’s ‘that time of the year (month)’ or if Mars is eclipsing both Venus AND Jupiter or what it is BUT of late: some of the replies that I’m seeing from traders in response to questions from other (‘budding’) traders are sometimes insulting, condescending, intimidating, and downright rude.

It never used to be like this (ESPECIALLY not on THIS site).

The fact of the matter is this:

How do you (or I) know that we’re not ‘talking’ to the next Wilder or Williams or Donchian or Keltner or Stoller??? (I COULD go on but won’t).

Some of the replies to questions being asked that I’ve seen of late would stifle ANY creativity that a new trader may have had and discourage them right from the outset.

There are WAYS of saying things. WAYS!!!

BUT having said the above:

To the ‘new traders’:

This does NOT mean to NOT go and FIRST SEARCH for answers to the questions that you may be looking for and IF YOU DON’T FIND the answers that you’re looking for THEN ask your question because there are also a lot of people that post a question who evidently could not be bothered to try and find the answer for themselves. Aside from the fact that this ‘pises people off’ because they have to repeat themselves a ‘gazillion’ times it also just takes up space and leads inevitably to the starting of multiple threads on the same subject which is of use to NO 'buger’!!!

Also: if you find a thread with a title that ‘captures your fancy’: DO NOT just ‘jump’ to the last page of the thread and post the question: ‘can you please explain this system to me because I like it’!!! For the most part: the thread will contain details of the system within the first few posts. If you ‘don’t quite get it’ THEN by all means: go to the last page of the thread note your confusion.

I STILL don’t ‘know it all’ (and don’t believe I ever will). Do you know it all??? If your answer to this question is an HONEST and resounding ‘yes’: then feel free to ‘lay into’ the next person that posts something like: ‘how do I forex in make money plse dat indicator what I use must is best one’!!! If you feel the question being asked is ‘beneath you’ then just don’t respond!!!


Dale. (forexbrokersonline.net).

Nice writing pal. I also agree that some of the answers here given to the noobs might just be quite harsh. Sometimes peoples forget that sometime ago they were also rookies and had to ask and read to get informed and have the knowledge they have these days. Helping others with the doubts you once had is a very nice thing to do. I hope everyone reads this article and realize how important is to help others. Cool thing you have in your heart dude.

damn! there’s a lot of traders (so called experienced) that do not think that most of the time you follow their advice. You know, when i started on this FX world, i had to hear a lot of stuff like “demoing is fake trading” or “scalping is for babies” blah blah blah…just do not pay attention to negative words though, an focus on the trading system you belive

I have to disagree with something, even though I found your post really accurate, I would need to post another perspective here, and it is about people that ask about a system like if they were not taking the time to read the whole thread. I am afraid it has occurred in my personal experience, and it is because despite of all useful information gathered on the thread, sometimes it isn’t placed on the simplest terms, so there you have to say, hey can someone kindly explain to me what it is. That happens when you place yourself on a newbie’s shoes.

The best way to learn is to take note and then talk about it, asking and asking.

I can say this is a very good site to learn forex and meet people as you, the next Williams. We are elite� needing of trading to prove it.

Agreed, the stupid question is the one not asked…

I am what I deem ok, but I am not making a living off forex yet… that is my end goal. Each day I am learning more and more and putting new things I see into my toolbox. This market rewards two of the rarest things in the world, patience and persistence.

You get the point; now we are in �training mode� because the way to reach independency in forex is not close to us (for now).
Every day asking I learn


To be honest: I was not expecting any responses to the post but I’m glad there are because some good points are made as well.

I agree: anyone detailng a system should give DETAILS and not just assume that everyone knows what they’re talking about. I have to admit that when I started out this was a problem that I encountered as well i.e. those ‘one liner’ answers that I received from certain people that served to confuse more than enlighten!!!

I myself go to GREAT lengths (because of the reason mentioned above) to DETAIL what I’m trying to say but, I’ll admit, that sometimes it borders on ‘waffle’ i.e. I know I could probably get the same point across in 10 sentences instead of 1 000!!!

And I suppose the main point was that there are WAYS of saying things. The example used was ‘demo is fake trading’. I agree with that i.e. I do not believe in demo trading and believe that the only thing it’s good for is to familiarise yourself with the trading platform itself. But that’s my OPINION (and who knows: I could have saved myself literally tens of thousand of USD by demo trading in the beginning). Now I’ve given you my opinion and REASON why I don’t belive in demo trading and it’s up to you to agree with me or disagree. BUT: me giving you my opinion and backing it up with a REASON is a FAR cry from me saying: ‘Don’t be an idiot. Demo trading is for babies. Get a life’!!! THIS is the point I was trying to make!!!

Anyway: I just felt that I needed to make the point that I made in my first post here. It never used to be like this (here) as I said and I DO know that the attitudes of some people have ‘driven off’ at LEAST two HIGHLY SKILLED and EXPERIENCED traders who just go sick and tired of dealing with peoples attitudes and, as I said, it appears that this is something ‘of late’.

Put it this way: this site (by virtue of it’s domain name) is here to help ‘new traders’ to NOT ‘lose their shirts’!!! If you want ‘attitude’: there’s another VERY well known site that just OOZES attitude and ‘disdain for new traders’ (I’m not mentioning any names but suffice to say that a lot of us refer to their economic calendar)!!!


Dale. (forexbrokersonline.net).


By the way ‘KatherineSpencer’: ASSUMING you were referring to me in your post as being the next ‘Williams’ I’d rather be known as the next ‘Wilder’ (that’s a picture of ‘the man’ himself that I use as my avatar) but alas: it is not possible to improve on his genius!!! BELIEVE ME I’ve tried and wasted a great deal of time and money in the process!!!

Good post dpaterso! About what Katerineepenser said I don�t that we need trading, we are doing that, most of us can prove it something in just 3 days or a week, so the only thing we have to prove is we can do it!
Im sorry if I didn�t get your point, anyway.

I guess advanced traders often forget they also had once an insight of Forex, there was a time when every single one of us did not have any idea on how to start. My appreciation goes to people whose advices lead beginners to find their own path to build a strategy. I certainly highlight you taking the time to give an approach about the use of a demo account. Personally I find demo account pretty helpful to face what you will be encountering on the real charts. At least to give you an idea.

'He who asks is a fool for five minutes. But he who does not ask remains a fool forever" Chinese Proverb

Point well taken I think you answered why some people have little patience. People not reading the thread usually is the start. I have learned over time that people who know and do dont slow down that much to hold someones hand. The ones that are doing I think get ticked at people not doing there brush up. You dont walk into med school saying where is the hert located at. So people use language that not every one will agree with. I feel if can take some criticism on then chin and get back in. Mentally you are not ready for forex. You will likely not succeed if you think everyone one needs to use G-rated words when explaining.

I scalped 2800 pips this week in the USD/Zar. Thank you SA. Some reason it moved alot this week. (those new to forex dont try to scalp the ZAR very high spread)

We can take the way we want and will waste the time and money because every way require it to be successful

Demo-ing might be better or not anybody knows.

Nice post Wilder:D

hey dale why don’t you shut the heck up!!!

rotfl!!! LOL!!!

just kidding hey great thread and honestly it needed to be said. I can’t speak for anybody but myself when I say I learned alot from the forums and from other more experienced traders. A few years ago i knew absolutly nothing about trading, come to think of it i still know nothing :slight_smile: But seriously people freely gave of themselves and their time to post and answer questions and to put themselvves out there publically. Don’t get me wrong I did my homework I still do, I read everything I can get my hands on and I try very hard not ask things that were already answered earlier in a particular thread. But my attitude is that these people who freely gave to me and now it is my duty to freely give and also continue to learn coz it is true that 2 heads are greater than one. Even better 3 heads or 10 head or whatever, the point is the varyed perspective and the difference in opinon helps us all grow.

We must not limit ourselves to thinking our way is the only fundamental truth and we must deal with our fellow traders with respect and dignity. We have alot to give to each other and alot to take.

So friends of babypips.com group hug im glad you are all here and im glad im here and dale seriously your alright for a system guy;)

I would like to know how you handle spreads when scalping. I guess you should be good at it so you can recover something from the spread.

Great writings my dear traders. I have to say that is thanks to this threads that new one may understand the why o some bad attitudes of some people on forums. Reading your posts made me remember when I started on the FX world. I was such an ignorant lady hehehe I encountered this world with analysis everywhere, platforms, indicators and things I didn’t even knew existed, but thanks to good people and some good reading I think that everyday I’m learning something new. And for this every time I can solve a any doubt from a newbie I just go ahead and do it right away, because as I was helped I help others. Take care.

i’m glad i stopped here. I’m sick of this all-mighty traders that think that they know everything! as you all people said in the posts avobe, this kind of replies are done to frustrate you and not to build an excellent strategy besides those that already exist. I just decided not to listen to those “wise” words and will focus only on the positive advices!

trede well, and hear less!

Babypips is great and the people here as well. The way we meet other traders, rookies or not rookies here and how we exchange the knowledge and information is awesome
I also try to prove any advice to be sure what I�m doing