Taking a paid course? What’s best? Timeline?

Oh hey.

Quick background on my trading history. Invested a decent amount of money into this and have basically guessed on trading. Pretty obviously, guessing doesn’t work so well and I’ve lost a ridiculous amount of money. I’ve used paid signals (lost and was on the wrong time zone, so that sucked) I’ve used someone’s EA (lost) I’ve had account management three times (lost badly) and I’ve had times where I kind of just guessed. I’ve had a little success but I was/am not good at account management when it comes to my position size, so it’s either a big loss or a big win. I’m on my last attempt now. I have a smaller account (for me) and I am looking for a paid course.

I know the very basics. Pips, lot size, how to make a trade, what buy/sell means. But that’s about it. I know how to look at a chart, but not really what I’m looking for. Ive been watching some videos on price levels/resistance a bit. I think I can point them out when I’m looking at a chart (multiple points at the same levels)

I am literally open to anything. I’d prefer something in English and ideally North American if by chance the teacher is available for questions along the way. I’ve considered IML as I hear it’s basically idiot proof, which after losing thousands and thousands of dollars, might be of benefit to me.

I just need to learn one consistent move I think. I don’t care if it’s the most basic, boring move ever. Something that can be repeatable and profitable.

Personally, I have more free time/flexibility than the average person. I think this will help with how long it takes to get through the information. I talked to one gentleman who has an online course and he suggested it might take a month to get through his course and to feel confident enough to trade on my own.

It is wise to take trading journey on a start after you have acquired adequate trading expertise. And to help the forex traders, demo trading accounts can help to get acquaintances with the basics of trading of course free of cost.

Both of these are good advice.

The ONLY legit course I’ve seen that has helped a lot of people is a course offered by a pro trader @cuebanks on IG,he actually records the students’ feedback and not one person has said that it was BS. So, you can check his page out when you get a chance and look for yourself. I think it’s like over $1,400 for his in-class 5 day course, and he provides online training as well

Thank you for your post. Depending on location, it might not work to be in class

I’ll check out the IG.

Yea, he mainly hold the classes in Miami because that’s where he lives, but he has students coming from all over, even out the country LOL but like I said, he also has online training courses I believe so that might be more convenient for you

Miami is a short flight for me. I’ll look into it.

Thanks again for the post.

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Trading should not be rushed, in my opinion; you must invest the time into learning it. It is also my opinion that you should not be trading live until you have proven yourself consistently profitable with virtual trading. Your education does not have to be expensive. You may even consider returning to virtual trading, periodically, as your account balance grows, to ensure that you are capable of managing your funds well and are comfortable with trading at those levels.

That being said, it is wise to invest in yourself and to make efforts to improve your learning. Just like with any education or business, there are typically going to be expenses or start-up costs. I can tell you, however, that there is ample, free information available, online, that will eventually allow you to put the pieces together to build your own trading strategy.

Regarding the aforementioned course, I do believe that he offers instruction remotely, so you do not have to travel anywhere. I cannot comment on the quality of any courses, unfortunately, but I can recommend some decent youtube channels that provide good information from time to time.


Plenty of good advice on here and would not discount anything on it. But seems to me you are jumping from one failure to the next and the next. Getting yourself educated is imo the only way to trade but the difficulty I have found on my journey is that 95% of the information is out there is either useless or repeated but all designed to help you part with your hard earned cash.

Do you have a plan for where you want to be and how to get there?

I think Methos has a great point, trading should not be rushed. My plan is a 10 year plan and I am on year seven now. They may be to long for most people but the freedom it gives me to learn is fantastic. It completely removes the pressure to succeed. I also don’t believe a one month course will make you a profitable trader.

I started out on the old baby pips school and completed it and have bought 2 courses in the past. I have watched 100’s of hours of free videos and have written and tried dozens of trading plans trying to gain as much experience as I can, again this may be to long for most people but I am free to really enjoy the trading. I have the same £1000 account I started with 7 years ago have been down as low as 200 and up as much as £2000, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to learn.

In my opinion I really think you need to slow down, it is almost like you have jumped from wanting to trade to making money but skipped all the steps in between. Trading is probably one of the hardest things to master out there(just look at the failure rate). You have already invested a lot of money when it should be the very very last thing you should be doing. Invest your time instead.

Just my opinion based on my journey so far, hope it helps.


Two great posts.

Definitely interested in all video links if they’re available.

I know it takes some time and that’s why I’m looking for some extra knowledge. I can’t tell which videos are good and which are worthless. So I’m here asking the experts.

This is one video I found that I think I am going to give a try this week. It focuses basically on the open of the market and using the major pair in that time zone. Not going to go crazy with it, just try it with a small lot size. I figured it was simple enough that I could understand the fundamentals of the trade.

Have you done the baby pips school for free…? This is just another break out strategy and there are tons of different strategies out there but no matter which 1 you use the most important thing is learning how to manage your risk properly.

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You will go round and round attempting to piggyback someone else’s journey.

Trade purposely in a demo account for an entire year with no stops. Way more powerful than ANY payed method.

Trading is not about perfect entries or pattern formations or any of that shit you get from paying some guy.

Making money in this business is about managing your risk (account size).

Instead of asking yourself what video to watch or book to read, first ask yourself…

What account size will I be trading when I go live?

Once you have that answer, you simply trade your demo account according to that size.

The discipline you develop through the year trading with no stops and not blowing out your account is that “thing” you are looking for.

If you manage to make money by the end of the year and not blow out your account, I promise you will be a changed man.


I agree with what has been said here. You definitely want to master your craft. I would never just copy someone else’s strategy, 100%, and try to follow it without making my own tweaks and without trying to understand every aspect about it and how it will perform under different market conditions etc…

It may sound strange, but you want to get intimate with your strategy to the point that you know exactly what it can and cannot do, where it can perform best, its strengths and weaknesses etc… Take the time to develop it by doing virtual trading. Try your best to trade exactly as you would if you were trading live and treat every trade seriously.

Books, videos and courses can only help you to learn so much; they are good for learning the basic principles, but you are ultimately going to need to make whatever strategy that you decide to develop as your own, and really invest the time into learning it and improving it through experience and practice.

Even with a good strategy, without understanding the small intricacies that are often omitted from the learning material because they are difficult to articulate and must be learned through experience, you are only going to get so far. Part of developing any strategy and understanding those intricacies through experience, should involve proper money management.

Listed below, are a few channels that can help you to better understand some basic concepts. Not all of the videos that get posted may be helpful, but the information is free and most of the authors that are listed here do not constantly bombard you with offers for paid material:

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Great posts today. Very much appreciated.

I know where I’m starting with account size and I have a pretty good grasp of lot size now.

Again, much appreciated and will check out all the links.

Scott Schuberts ying yang course (trading mastermind) is the only course for me. He explains everything slowly and clearly and repeatable . You also have access to live trading sessions with him and other advanced traders, twice a day .

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Thanks for this post also. I’ll check it out.

You’ve tried this yourself too, right? Did you do real life one or the online course?

If this is for me, I haven’t really done anything to be honest.

I’ve started recently doing a little research.

I used the strategy I posted the video of today and ended up catching 25 pips in a total of 6 trades.

I’m done for tonight and maybe will jump in and try again on the New York open.

I’ve never taken his course. I’ve just seen that he has a lot of satisfied students