Taking Partial Profits on fxTrade for OANDA

I just recently switched to fxTrade from MT4 and I’ve been looking for anything on the internet to help me to figure out how to take partial profits.


FxTrade has that feature. Go to your Trades screen, touch on the trade you want to take partial profits from. 3 options should come up: Modify, Reduce, Close. Just touch the ‘Reduce’ option and take as much as you want.

This option is fairly new, I would say within the last couple of months. Previously you couldn’t close partial trades. If your app does not have this option then you might need to update or reinstall it. If that doesn’t work contact OANDA.


Thanks. Yes just saw it and it’s weird because I was using the app and I noticed the “Reduce” but in the moment of the trades, I forgot I saw it… and lost out on a dozen pips :upside_down_face:

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I hope that this has not become a very sad event for you, because every trader periodically finds himself in a situation where he has not calculated everything and has not foreseen everything, but it is normal. And if you learn to draw conclusions from your mistakes, you have a chance to become an excellent specialist and a real trader.