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Will EURUSD Maintain the Short UP Side ?

Neveling off for the later run back down.


24.Jan.2019 droped below target of 1.3420

With the upside emerging a recovery market state, we will monitor a Short pull back to the upside,

If its persistent, This move may lead to a Strong UP Trend for EURUSD.

Based on current market data & analysis, for the long term, EURUSD is down trend and only selling opportunities will yield good returns

EURUSD doing exactly what we Said above ,

But Watch it out this Up turn may not last ,

It may resume to the downside after few hours …


EUR Pulling Back Up …

Watch Closely

Still In progress

SUMMARY of EURUSD Performance

EURUSD about to enter Decision taking area

After a Short rise as anticipated , EURUSD may drop but the signal to pull the sell trigger is fast forming.

If you had taken the buy side as in my previous chats , it time to think take profit

After wait fo rthe market to give new direction …

Ranging upwards Still

**EURUSD 3 Hour s Updated **

What We Traded today

EURUSD Signalling an end to the Up push we had since in the morning


Will EURUSD Drop for few pip Down???


Based on current chart formations

We are Taking Profits now and Watching Closely to open a Sell Position in the hours ahead.

Market Confirmations is Required to conclude the SELL Side of EURUSD

Current Trending analysis

EURUSD Downsided Failed …

Wil Watch Closely as it make a short Rise

Short upside turn into a Major Up Will it hold Up ???

Good Morning (am in 1GMT)

EURUSD seems to have steadied up last week.

And Physiologically we expect a down drop before any other thing ,

We will be expecting be it a short down - Long down

Or a short down then resumption to the upside.

On the Long term this week EURUSD is actually moving in the BUY SIDE

But we will expect some short drops before a resumption to the uptrend.

Let’s watch how far the short fall can go …

EURUSD in the Valley of Decision


Please wait for a confirmation on M30 & H1

I Took the Trade… SELL - EURUSD

Hi Sorry i was out on A trip

EURUSD Made some up side pushes , But this Afternoon we are Seel A Great Sell Opportunity

Current Situation

Hey guy we are back after an un anounced break …

Was busy doing some projects … Just finished

EURUSD continues down after breaking 1.1393.

Will EURUSD reach 1.366 the weekly Target ??