Technical analysis vs Fundamental analysis

Guys l have been watching some videos on YouTube some are saying technical is everything a trader needs and fundamental analysis it’s just news which are lagging and have no impact.What best advice can you give to me please help

Everything is lagging. Its using the information you have to make a prediction.

Fundamentals definitely have a impact and the Babypips course teaches a few ways to take advantage of these events.

That being said I just use TA and take no regard to fundamental events. If it goes up I buy and if it goes down I sell. (Down 15% on my demo account from this so my advice is not the best)

Technical indicators are also lagging though. I feel like price action is the only non lagging route. Then again, if you can make all these lagging indicators work for you, why not!

Hi.What prompts price action? Traders reaction to market sentiment, sometimes influenced by news items, and Elon Musk…

Personally, I think that a combination is best. TA can be the main mean of analysing and FA can be on top, just to confirm something, or to doublecheck. Sure you can choose, but nobody stops you from using both. It’s not like they’re contradicting each other too much.

which analysis is more appropriate for your it depends on your trading conditions , in my trading career i always focus on fundamental analysis which works for permanently. technical analysis in order to me its all about short time . so i dont like that personally.

I think fundamental analysis works but one has to be ready for surprises. The market behaves funny during important events.

Thank you guys for the advice l real appreciate

Market Sentiment Best Analysis For Trading. If market sentiment can be estimated, it will be much easier to make a profit.

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Every trader has its own opinion on this matter. It mostly depends on the style which a trader prefers, you know. Technical analysis is always about short-time trading on short timeframes like 1M-1D, here technical analysis matters a lot and there aren’t any other ways to foresee the price movement and trend reversal. Only technical analysis and various patterns/figures/indicators and stuff like that. Fundamental analysis applies to long-time trading on long timeframes like 1W and up to a year for investments purposes. I suppose that both types of analysis matter, thus you shouldn’t prefer one over another and in reverse.

Both. I believe that TA is more helpful and primarily use it but FA is useful as well so I wouldn’t completely discount it.

The problem with FA in forex is that most days it says nothing.