Technical Analysis

Has anyone tried using technical analysis to predict market trends?

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Yes, this is my preferred approach. The nice thing about a trend is that the next thing it usually does is continue. It doesn’t always do this immediately, it might oscillate for a while or pull back a little way, but the most common outcome is that it continues.

The least common thing for it to do is to reverse immediately into an opposite trend.

Knowing these things the trader wishing to ride the trend has to decide whether to enter on a pull-back or a break-out. After that, there is a decision to be made about when to exit - when price pulls back or when it has continued the trend with unusual energy.


yes, in the sense that i use TA to identify and to analyze current trends, in the knowledge that (exactly as mentioned just above) they’re more likely to continue than to reverse

Hello Amy how is your trading going

still i am practicing to be an expert about TA to predict the market with certainly , but this is really a challenging task , and need a long time practice with patience

for that reason most of the traders lost interest after passing sometime when they try to be expert about Technical analysis with very short time.

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i mostly emphasis on Fundamental analysis but when doing scalping i think there is no best options without TA.

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When determining the general market trend and direction for medium and long-term investments, I use technical analysis (TA). However, if my trades will be short-term, such as daily trades, I use price action ¶.

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Not as I was expecting.

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It is good for scaping right.