Technical Analysis

Firstly may I say the babypips school is a excellent source of information and I highly recommended all newbies to attend. Okay straight to it…

Which standard indicators provide potential entry points?

Which standard indicators provide potential exit points?

Thats it, we are not talking custom indicators here just the basic indicators for entry and exits which have been around for years. Cheers!

Hi there and welcome.

I dont think there is a set standard that you could say are 100% guaranteed to give you a profit each and everytime.

However a few examples would be moving average cross overs (see the cowabunga system in the blogs section).

Other things to look for are where is the price right now in relation to support and resistance.


Again its down to the individual, some get out at certain profit targets, others wait for another indicator signal, such as another crossover, or the price reaching key support / resistance.